Monday, November 29, 2010

Music monday

Yesterday reminded me of a amazing band they are still relatively small unless you happen to live in the Los angeles area, or heard them on greys anatomy Season 7 episode 4 "Can't fight biology". If you don't here I bring you the walking sleep formally known as the flying tourbillion orchestra. I got the chance to see them live this past spring it just happened to work out to perfectly it was amazing on my first night in LA on a road trip to California with a friend. Here are some pictures of the cute and talented people that make up the walking sleep.

Photo's taken from their show back in April at the echo in hollywood
by myself and one of my dear dear friends Lori

Also a video from that very show. * le sigh* I miss them so much.

Their album measures is out now. I seriously HIGHLY HIGHLY recomend listening to it or even buying it your ears will be very thankful.
check them out.

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