Monday, January 31, 2011

what i wore.

It's funny how you buy something as a dress then over the years and being washed it slowly turns into a long shirt/ really short dress.This is what I wore.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: Sadly Abercrombie (hate the store but loved this dress)
Tights: Urban outfitters

Home update.

Since my last home sneak peak I have gotten a lot of stuff to furnish my home.( Like my dining table she is SO adorbs by the way. And my work table) But they are set up or decorated how Id like just yet. Finding the time or energy when I get home for work is very minimal.So I figured I could just do one room at a time. First up is the living room, I would still like to find a cute cabinet to put my dvd/cable/internet stuffs inside so they are hidden but other then that the room is perfect.

Excuse the horrible grainy I waited to long into the day to take pictures. During the morning the light is perfect. TONS of natural light.
This is the view from my bedroom door. I just love LOVE that white fireplace I am so glad she painted it. Don't get my wrong I love original brick and all but white fits the house and well me better. So she did a good color choice on that.

My mom asked me the other day how long I planned on keeping these up. My answer "Forever! it's my house and I can do whatever I want" She doesn't understand having lights up past christmas.
P.S. You can kind of see my dining table in this picture :)

My pretty vintage suitcases that I scored one day at a local good will for get this $10 I thought it was only one suitcase until I saw the sticker set of three. I was over the moon excited. I couldn't bare to sit them in a closet or under my bed. So they get to me displayed and seen everyday.

I remember reading in the craigslist ad that it had stained glass windows through out the house along with the tub I've dreamed of. I said to myself "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS HOUSE. I called about two times and emailed I didn't want anyone to see this house before me I had to have it.

The giant white blanket is my substitute for a couch cover until I find the perfect white linen one. It's big enough it covers the whole couch.

My pretty very old wingback chairs. And gorgeous white shabby chic coffee table.I still can't believe how pretty she is. And it now has a original Autumn work of art on it. :) It needs to be re painted on the top though there is this misterous yellow stain that I have covered with books.

Pretty new floor lamp. I knew I needed one because there is zero light in the living room at night. But I had no clue what kind of lamp I even wanted. Then last weekend while shopping at this new antique mall my mom told me she found a lamp and wanted to see what I thought. I knew it was perfect the second I laid my eyes on it, and it was a steal to. I've seen replica's of this lamp in lamp stores for a good $300+ I would never spend that much on a lamp. Lets just say it was a good amount under $100 I was very happy with it. :)

Well folks that's my living room. Next I think I am going to conquer my kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it with friends and family my little neice turned the big 2! Yesterday I cant believe it they really do grow up so fast. Her and my sister got drum sets for her birthday (well my sisters got herself one for her birthday) Since her birthday is the 26th and Autumn's is the 30th.

Heres a little video of her playing on her birthday she sang while drumming to.

Happy Monday everyone

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This past weekend.

Was just what I needed a little hang out time with my friend Lori. Got to see Campfire ok not once but twice they did a little take away show at cup and saucer cafe on Hawthorne it was a really fun weekend. Also got to see some other friends at my house warming party I had. And I failed miserably with taking pictures. I had it all planned to take tons. But I spent long running errands and such so I was getting ready till the last min. I've never hosted a party at my house before so trying to talk to everyone was a little difficult. I did snap some pictures and videos from this weekend.

Campfire OK - Lucky from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

Campfire OK - Wishing You the Best from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

(oh hi it's me in the end of the video, cant miss that red hair)
One fan that was there asked if they would play a song for her so she could record it on her iphone. And being the nice guy that is his, him and fellow campfire ok member Melodie did just that in the basement of the old church ( what a fun night this was)

Campfire OK - Wishing You the Best from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

Enjoyed some yummy food at Vita cafe in the lovely alberta neighborhood.

My friend Lori took some cute photos around my house.

My pretty tree lined streets.

Vintage kitchen.

Jars of nuts and candy.

Cupcakes from my house warming party.

Pretty flowers from friends :)

Box full of lush goodies :D
LOVE LOVE this gift. I sat unwrapping it in my favorite little dive smelling each and every one.

The following day was spent eating delicious waffles at the waffle house. I ate my favorite the blueberry cheesecake waffle. picking up my new craft table for my studio, also finding my dining table (FINALLY) It's not a farm table but I just fell in love with it and couldn't part with it. And it was under my budget as for the table went.

This is my new dining table I know its a lot of bokeh but I like it this way.

I still need something to hold my baskets. So here is a sneak peak at my studio so far.

My mom actually found the table and called me freaking out about it (which made me freak out) It's exactly what I had pictured in my head. I am in love with this new antique mall. If you in the portland area I highly highly suggest monticello antique marketplace.

Also we headed to this little shop called tender loving empire which I immediately fell in love with and see many trips in the future.

It's full of handmade gifts and local music. I picked up Typhoon's album Hunger and thirst. I am very glad I did because it's been on repeat since Sunday. You should check them out along with Tender loving empire.

Take a look at their adorable shop.

Pictures taken by myself and Miss Lori Paulson

That was quite the lengthy post. It was a great weekend even if I caught a little stomach bug at the end of it. But thankfully I have a nice cousin who took over watching miss autumn so I could rest and get better.

Happy wednesday everyone.

P.S. Campfire Ok's album Strange like we are comes out February 1st so be sure to pick up a copy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My ears are in love

Photos taken by Lori Paulson
With a band called Campfire Ok they call Seattle,Washington home and make beautiful beautiful music. I first heard of them back in October when one of my friends Miss Lori Paulson was shooting them at KEXP in studio performance. Her pretty photos & her blog I always love when she shares new music with me my ears have yet to be disappointed. I am so pleased because come this Friday I get to see them. I am oh so excited to see them live. But you should give them a listen you will love them I just know it.

a few of their videos shot by Christian Sorensen Hansen his videos are just stunningly beautiful.

Dreidel, Dreidel

Dreidel, Dreidel from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.


Strange like we are.

Strange Like We Are from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

Campfire Ok at Oddfellows
(My favorite cafe to eat at whenever I am in Seattle)
Campfire Ok has been playing impromptu shows all over town in bars and cafes. This one happened to be documented.

Campfire Ok at Oddfellows from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

So now sit back get comfy and let your ears enjoy.

Oh and your welcome :)

P.S. You should also check out miss lori's flickr. She takes some pretty great pictures. Loves caffeine as much as I do, And has the cutest doggy who I am convinced will never like me. No matter how many times I try to pet him.

xoxo TGIT ( Thank god its Thursday. Which is my Friday) So excited for this weekend to get started.

What are you plans for the weekend anything fun?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish list wednesday.

I think wish list wednesday has a better ring to it then Tuesday. This one is dedicated to just dresses although I snuck in a sweater. I simply just love them I want a whole closet full of cute adorable dresses. So I can wear them everyday. All of these are from modcloth. Also spring seems to be just around the corner and will come fast as time seems to be just flying by. So I think I should start saving up and getting my closet ready for spring. Here are a few I am ooing and ahhing over.

Delightful day dress.

Morning glory coffee house dress.

One day sail dress.

Alt Country Rose Tunic

Not to tealy traditional dress.

Type Designer Cardigan

Aren't they all just adorable? Happy Wednesday hope you enjoyed looking at these pretty dresses as much as I did.


Monday, January 17, 2011


I don't know if have heard all the talk about this new show on IFC but its a a series created by Fred armisen from SNL. With a very exaggerated/ not so exaggerated life of living in Portland OR. It premiers this Friday night on IFC or you can watch it on hulu right now. I watched it last night and thought it was hilarious. I can't wait for next week's already. If you haven't heard of it take a look at this video for "Dream of the 90's"

the first episode is also on youtube.

I cant but help find it funny that all the sudden google maps recognizes Portlandia. Hilarious!

So check out the show you'll laugh!


P.S.I saw Blue Valentine tonight with miss Chelsea and it was so SO good I highly recommend seeing it. Ryan gosling just love love him so handsome.

Thrifting finds.

The other day I had the urge to do a little thrifting. And I walked out with some goodies, so here they are.

Pyrex casserole dish. 3.99

It's not pyrex but the name was scratched off but its super adorable.

.99 a piece.

pyrex pitcher 3.99

pyrex casserole dish 5.99

I love me some fresh flowers in my house.

I love a good thrift day. It's so relaxing and I feel good about not spending a ton of money.

I hope everyones enjoying their Monday.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Im loving

Mila kunis in this month's nylon magazine, she's looking amazing.

Which brings me to Black swan if you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. It was really good, intense and I cringed a couple times if you have seen it you know exactly what parts I am talking about. I now have a fear of hang nails..ew. But defiantly check it out.


House warming party

Wow today has flown by. I woke up three hours late today eep! I was supposed to watch miss autumn at 5 today instead of the usual time. All the sudden I woke up and it was light outside I said to myself " WHY IS IT LIGHT OUTSIDE ITS NEVER LIGHT OUTSIDE WHEN I GO TO WORK!" I feel horrible I made my mom late for work because someone had to keep a eye on the little one. I must have been more tired then I thought Opps. But it's almost that time for my house warming parties. And I am not entirely ready. I had a goal of being all settled in I am almost there. I set out on a search for farm table and all that goes with it. But its been proven to be harder to find one, I came close but they were all tiny ones. I have big family dinners so I need a big table.

I still have a week till my house warming with friends to find one. I need something though five seats and about 13-26 people coming so as you can see I have a little problem haha. I also made a un realistic goal to find and finish setting up my studio. I tend to always want everything done and be perfect before people see it. I haven't had people over yet just because of that. But other then that the party will happen if I have all the furniture or not. I don't think my friends or family will care.

I wanted to share today some pictures that are inspiring me for decorations for the party.

cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery in Portland Saint cupcake.

some yummy champagne

I love their lemonade.

Mmm fondue LOVE it.

And since there will be cupcakes. There should be my favorite cupcake wine :) for those who don't like champagne.

In other news my sister has given this to me. It came with her house it was sadly left behind by the previous owner. I don't remember if it still works or not. If it doesn't I hope it isn't that hard to get working again because I just love it.

Tomorrow I will spend my day cleaning my house from top to bottom (which I love a good deep cleaning). Then running some errands to get ready for my first house warming with my family coming over for a good home cooked meal made by me. I am making a yummy chicken and dumplings and for desert chocolate creme pie.

Now I am all hungry thinking about it. I will post pictures of the festivities. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday again this week has flown by I don't know how that happened again.


P.S. I am working on a project for miss elsie's project restyle I cant wait to share it. Head over to her page to read all about it.

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