Sunday, November 14, 2010

theres a party in our city

Today Miss Autumn,myself,her mommy, and my mommy will be seeing Yo gabba gabba live. It's her favorite show in the whole wide world. She carries around her broobe doll with her everywhere she goes. It's the cutest thing.

Gabba Gabba is this fun show with DJ Lance Rock he's magician-musician. He brings a mysterious boom-box that carefully protects his special toy creatures. He breathes life into his toys with the magical words, “Yo Gabba Gabba!.” He loves to interact with his friends from above and sometimes beams in to teach everybody a DJ Lance-dance.

Brobee, the little one green, is sometime reluctant to try new things. Music makes Brobee happy and helps give him the confidence to smile, dance and wave his long arms in the air. He loves balloons.

Foofa, the pink flower bubble is a giggly, happy girl that loves flowers and all things cute and cuddly. She loves to dance and dream about unicorns. She is very sensitive to the needs of her friends and others in Gabbaland.

Plex is the yellow robot of many wonders and magical powers. He is always there to provide music to sing and dance to. He teaches lessons, and beams guests into Yo Gabba Gabba land. Like a good big brother, he usually knows how to solve problems.

Muno is a tall and friendly red cyclops. He likes watching bugs and eating noodles. He is eager to please and make friends. With all his energy he sometimes can make a clumsy mistake but does his best to make up for whatever problems he may have caused.

Toodee, the blue cat dragon, likes to have fun. She is funny, smart and athletic with a tendency to make mischief. Toodee likes ice skating, running around in circles and trying new things. She has a bold personality and loves giving high-fives to her friends.

They even went to Cochella that's how popular they have gotten. It's crazy.

This will be her first concert ever and her favorite show. I don't know who's more excited her or the rest of us.I cant wait to see her little excited face when Brobee comes on stage/ We have floor seats to so she can be close and dance and sing along.

I will post pictures of the show later. Im so so excited if you couldn't tell haha.

Enjoy your lovely sunday.


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  1. awwww hope you all have a great time there, Autumn has an amazing tme at her first little concert, it will be pricless :)