Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good day

Yesterday was just one of those really good days. I got to sip my morning coffee while uploading/ editing and writing my beach blog post before Autumn came over it was perfect. The only thing that would of made it better if there was sunshine. AH I am so over all this rain and gloomy. I feel like were never going to get spring air,sunshine,fresh flowers, and freshly cut grass. This year just seems like its taking longer then normal. Anywhoo soon after she came over we went over to my friend/ old room mate's house (Also used to be my house), to have a little play date with Mr. Wyatt. He's exactly a week older then her and so handsome defiantly will be a ladies man. They got to play the whole after noon together, they even watched a movie together on the couch *soo cute* It was to cute for words. Garsh I feel like she grows and gets bigger every day. *sniff* I love that little girl to bits and pieces and love that I get to be a part of her life and watch her grow into a little lady. I did manage to snap a few photos from yesterday.

They took turns pushing each other around, at one point they both sat in it but I was not quick enough getting a picture of it, it always ended up blurred. :(

After all the playing had been had I took the little munchkin home and came back for some yummy turkey burgers, red potatoes, and some cooked broccoli it was Y U M. It was nice to hang out with my old roomie again, it sorta felt like I had never left. I do miss living with them the fun late nights watching movies and stuffing our faces with candy and popcorn. But I do love my own space so much more the privacy and quiet is for me. I love those girls a whole lot. I've known them my whole life.

Halloween 2009. I put that costume together so fast because I was silly enough to think id be able to find anything a day before halloween. Oops.

I love that car. The road runner my friend's dad's car which he still has to this day.

My dad and their dad were best friends since I want to say high school. So I consider them family, so it made today one of those good days. I think Id like to work out a play date once a week with mr wyatt. I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home away from home

I have been looking forward to this trip since probably before Christmas I kept asking my mom "When can we do our family beach trip?" I sounded like a broken record. I've been spending weeks and weekends in Lincoln city since I was just a wee one.

So it feels like a second home to me my Grandma (my dad's mom) lives there with Carl I believe they moved there in 86 the year I was born. Lincoln city hasn't changed to much the shops and the restaurants are the same. Although its a lot more touristy now a days so we always rent a beach house in pacific city very tiny about 25 mins outside of lincoln city. Theres only one market, one gas station, one post office and then little restaurants. So its perfect for a get away from everything. Then the beach is about 3-4 block walk away which was perfect. The first day we didn't arrive till around dinner time which stinks because it rained the last two days we were there so ocean time was very very limited :( If I would of known it would of poured like crazy I would of made sure we left super early. That was the original plan but getting my mom, step dad, two dogs, my brother and miss autumn all ready and out the door isn't easy so we left 4 hours late. We spent the next day at the tillamock cheese factory I mainly went for the ice cream which was delicious I got a mint chocolate chip waffle cone DELISH! After that we all headed to the beach for the day it was sunny and warm perfection. Sadly our beach day was cut short because while we were all having fun building a sand castle a sneaky tidal wave decided to come out of nowhere and swoop in thank god for my moms lightning reflexes she grabbed autumn and jumped up my camera bag started to swim away grabbed it and thankfully my cameras are ok. Our sleeping bag was not my mom handed autumn off and went after it because she didn't want to litter a sleeping bag into the ocean so she grabbed our now ripped up purple soaking wet sleeping bag to throw it away. Autumn was now soaked from head to toe poor thing was crying and cold so we changed her and headed back to the house since we were all wet and gross now. It was already almost dinner time so we grabbed dinner which was super delicious I had a yummy taco with this pineapple salsa never would of tried pineapple on a taco before but it was SO yummy. My sister and boyfriend arrived late that night, she had been at home remodeling my mom and step dad's bathroom so she came late. The next two days it rained a lot but it cleared up a bit so we could take all three dogs on to the beach. Olivia loves the beach but sadly because she hasn't had all her puppy shots she wasn't allowed off her leash but I could tell she was still having a blast. Next time she will be free to run and rome I cant wait for that. Later that night my grandma and carl came down for dinner at our place which was so much fun I love my grandma she is the best. I always feel a little closer to my dad when I am around her even if they weren't really close themselves so its really nice when I get to see her. We all had wine and had yummy burgers from the local fat freddy's diner by our house SUPER yummy I'm glad there is only one and in pacific city because other wise I may gain a million pounds. Later that night we all watched Jackass three oh lord I heard it was not for weak stomachs but I didn't think it was actually true and oh my they were right if you have seen it I think you know which scenes I am talking about the sweatsuit cocktail and the porta potty one. I had to close my eyes or I may have got sick it was that bad. But mr johnny knoxville was looking pretty good if I must say myself :). Well I think I have rambled on enough now to the pictures I took. Enjoy!

Little autumn and her cute cheese posing.

I tok some cute polaroids but I need to scan those in sometime this week at my moms.

She slept and snuggled with me the whole drive down it was super cute.

cute little row of cottage style stores one of them happens to be a rocky mountain chocolate store. Its been a tradition to go there on our ride back since forever. I used to always get watermelon and peach jellybeans. I've advanced to chocolate now. But the lady seems to be closing and not opening anymore and my chocolate covered rice crispy treat tasted really stale and gross thumbs down :(

Otis cafe we have been meaning to try it for a couple trips finally did and had this yummy salad with a balsamic with honey mustard dressing to die for and a good cup of clam chowder thumbs up.

Sadly my body is to used to caffeine so this huge 16 oz redbull had zero effect on me. That cant be good...right?

I had tasted this at a little wine tasting while on a trip with friends so when I found it at the local market I had to pick some up.

Our little beach neighborhood was very cute.

In other news I really hope this week flys by. Because I have the best weekends coming up, this Friday I get to see My chemical romance and neon trees. The following week I am seeing a local portland band Typhoon!! SO SO excited for that show. Then I will be driving up for the weekend to Seattle to see Campfire ok play. Its going to be a good month of shows that's for sure. I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday's.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Monday.

Happy Monday everyone.

I just got back from the beach yesterday afternoon I'm not going to lie i'm missing the beach I just love how relaxing it is. But I will be back in a few weeks for a couple days with a friend so I can just look forward to that trip. I would love a family beach house to be able to go to whenever I want and not have to pay to rent one for a just a few days. Someday someday. But today I've got some errands to run on my day off. Do some cleaning and laundry I kind of left the house a mess after packing up a storm before I left.
I also need to do some grocery shopping but my list is looking a little small I hate this eating rut. I need some good food blogs for healthy eating. After that beach trip I need to get back on my work out wagon and eating better. So if anyone knows of some good recipes or food blogs that would be much appreciated :). I also have pictures to upload and edit from the beach trip. Sadly I didn't take to many mainly because it rained A LOT not sprinkles but down poured :( which meant not a lot of walks on the beach. I will post later today the pictures I did manage to take. Also Miss Autumn had two disposable cameras from the trip that I cant wait to develop and see all the ones she took of her face and floor haha. I love how into taking pictures she already is such a cutie pie. Enjoy your monday dearies.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's about time.

It's beach day it's beach day! I am off to the lovely Pacific city, OR and so excited to have four lovely,non stress relaxing days. With my family, the beach and good food. I can't wait to take morning walks on the beach and soak it all in. I will be back sometime Sunday evening then I must go pick up a little kitty named marshmallow that I am sitting for a friend for a few weeks.

Pictures of adventures to come.

have a good rest of the week and weekend dearies.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wish list wednesday

I am so glad it's Wednesday (almost I am writing this Tuesday night because tomorrow is going to be a busy day) And because that means it's almost Thursday and that means I will be off to the beach for four fantastic days :) Cant wait to relax although it's supposed to rain so hopefully not to much so we can enjoy a walk on the beach every morning. I love taking a early walk on the beach and our beach house is only 4 blocks to the beach so it will be just lovely. But lets get to my pretty wish list for this week.

101 ovations dress

Betsey Johnson Terrance party dress

1950's busy bee dress

1940's lavender eyelet inset day dress

A pair of saddle shoes. $2.85 a pair that is crazy!

pastel rainbow dress
I wish this dress was in my size

I've been all over etsy this week. I think I need to win the lottery all ready and I probably try to win its not like a wining ticket will be on the ground one day and I happen to pick it up and win. I have talked about winning in great detail what I would do ect. I would surprise my mom and buy her, her dream house. The go travel everywhere for months. Oh a girl can dream can't she?

Hope you all our enjoying your wednesday or hump day I never liked that name so scratch that happy wednesday lovelies.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im in the mood

I've got road trips on the brain, it's all I can think about. I just want to get on the open road with good friends,a good road trip playlist, junk food and lots of caffeine,and those silly road trip pictures everyone takes in the car. The more I think about it California was the best trip I've been on right next to my trip to Hawaii. Even though at the end of my trip to California I vowed to never do that drive again. I'm itching to do it again. And not get a accident and have to get brand new brakes this time. But myself and my friend may have a weekend trip planned to California sometime in May but I defiantly want to road trip it back to cali this summer. Possibly go longer so we have more time in both San fran and Los Angeles

I want to stop at cute diners on piers and eat yummy pancakes.

If you've ever seen the show the oc this would be the diner they went to in basically every episode. A lot smaller then I thought it would be.

And I know I wont be able to stop myself for going back to high voltage tattoo. I have a idea in mind for a tattoo but the placement isn't decided yet that's always the toughest part for me. Id love love to get tattooed by Kat but the last time I went about a year ago she was booked a year out. Id also like to be tattooed by Dan as well but if they are taken I know they are all very talented,So we shall see my fingers are crossed. I wish I could be packing for a road trip there right now the weather was perfect this time of year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their sunday's and relaxed as every sunday should be. I had a lovely perfect Sunday started out with having a yummy brunch and bloody marry at city state diner, after that headed over to the Laurelhurst theater to see a movie. It all ended with a family taco night at my aunt's house it was the perfect sunday.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little hello- My week in iphone pictures

It's been a few days since I've blogged i've been a tad busy these days. Lately at the end of the day I have zero energy probably all that caffeine I had finally draining me and making me want to collapse into a deep slumber. I feel like I am finally catching up on life after being sick and getting into the swing of my daily routine of waking up,getting coffee and picking up Scarlett. I finally cleaned my house top to bottom its spotless although I know during the week it will become a mess again that seems to be my thing. Today I thought id share my week in photos off the good old iphone.

I also purchased this adorable dress off etsy the other day adorbs

In other news I posted a few items on my Etsy I still have a few I need to list this weekend. But take a peek they are some beauties.

I hope you're all enjoying your start to your weekend.