Sunday, November 21, 2010


Normally this day is a very hard day for me last year was extremely hard. Don't worry I won't get to emotional on you.I don'y usually like to talk about it, But three years ago my dad passed away. I never thought a single day of such an event would be hard. But last year I proved that wrong I was a hermit to the world. I miss my dad dearly every day I think about him and his humungous bear hugs. But lately I have had the support of some amazing friends. I've even made some new ones, which i am excited about. So on this lovely sunday I plan on thrifting with one of them. I think keeping myself busy distracts me it helps. So thank you to all those amazing friends you all make my heart happy.

Then tonight I have a little get together with some good friends from elementary school I haven't seen them since we all started sixth grade. No that's a lie my one friend Laura transferred to the same middle school and high school but my other friend that is coming Kelly I haven't seen since we started sixth grade thats a whole twelve years OH MY. I can't explain my excitement for today.

also I have decided I am keeping my red hair for a long time. it's so fun and cute I love it!

I love you daddy, you may be gone but you were the worlds greatest dad and I am still very proud of you.

Have a lovely sunday,


  1. Such a lovely post, i know how hard it is to miss someone you lost, you cant even beging to describe it can you !
    But when it tough i find it helps to be thankful that you knew that person and you had them in your life, and no matter how long they were around it was the fact they were.
    x x

  2. I was reading a blog and seen this and thought of you :)

    have fun!

  3. That is probably the cutest thing.