Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today was the day

she's perfect I love her so much already she's a hyper little girl. I love her little puppy breath no names yet I really liked Lilly but my uncle just got a dog and named her lilly. My family likes Luna Im just not feeling that name at all. Something will come along. Since 8 o clock tonight I have had two cups of coffee and a red bull so I am WIDE awake I have four pies to bake and get back to miss autumn's quilt I FINALLY have all the fabric I need for it.

The lovely lady at the craft store gave me the black friday deals on my fabric, I kind of shop there A LOT! I saved a good chunk of change that made my night.

while I'm baking my pies tonight I plan on watching that thing you do. I love this movie I wish I could of been alive in that era ah the movie the fashion the cars oh my.

And a movie with Tom everett scott and liv tyler. He's so handsome and she's stunning.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy busy day so Happy thanksgiving eat lots and lots tomorrow.


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