Thursday, November 11, 2010

The one down side of my favorite season I get colds it feels like all the time. I usually catch them early enough they don't last long. Thankfully I have thursday and friday off this week. So I am bringing out all my good old remedies.

To make it the perfect night in with a cold I thought I would add a little rachel zoe project love her.

She was the one who made me fall in love with marchesa their dresses are always just stunning.

I must rest come this Sunday I have floor seats for Yo gabba gabba with my mom,sister, and my niece. I am so excited to see her little face light up. It's her favorite show in the whole world she carries her broobe doll everywhere. She has one at both my mom and her house.

Hope everyone is enjoying this chilly thursday.

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  1. hope you feeling not so sniffley, and that you enjoy Yo gabba gabba, it will be such fun i bet to see your niece so excited :)