Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday weekend.

This past weekend was my 24th birthday. I almost didn't have it actually mainly because people who did rsvp were now bailing last minute which I hate. I was so relieved I didn't pay to rent a room. But to get this off my chest, why is it that some girls as soon as they get a boyfriend you just might as well not exist to them. Low and behold when that doesn't work out your just supposed to be there after the countless times of being ditched. And did this to me on my birthday not once but the third year in a row. Anywhoo sorry for being emotional for a bit. But in the end my birthday was just perfect it had a little hiccup but ended out just right. The right people came there were a few who had very good reasons of not coming that I wish could of been there. We all started out at the matador in Portland they have the best food. I got to see two friends that I haven't seen since high school it was great catching up and seeing them again. Here are some pictures I took, I had planned on more it came down to not wanting to lug my huge camera in my purse.

I've come to realize I have a lot of mac make up. Its my fave I cant help it.

After that I wanted to go to a cocktail place the original plan was vault martini bar but we opted for Doug fir lounge. Which is always a good idea. Their blackberry cosmo is just delish.

The weekend continued with brunch at my favorite place on Hawthorne The waffle window. Let me tell you the blueberry cheesecake waffle is just to die for I was trying everyones waffles cause they all looked so yummy.

It was the perfect start to a sunday. Which was my actual birthday. That was soon followed my favorite vintage shop Pink vintage.

I found this lovely set of sunshine flower coffee cups I am in love with them. I got some cute vintage skirts a, plaid dress which I am planning to wear out thrifting today. AH I just love a good day of vintage shopping it can cure anything. Any bad mood, whatever your troubles can be. After that I got a tattoo I had been itching for a new one I had a few I've been thinking of but one seemed to fit more then the others.

I got it done at elysium studios in Portland. He's the same guy who did my first two on my wrist he's since moved and opened up his own shop. I highly recommend him if your in the need of your first ink or some new stuff. After that I was headed to my family birthday dinner for some yummy pizza and cake I was more excited for the pink cake.

I got some great gifts. But the one I was most excited about was my record player. I love it SO much I've been listening to it ever since.

I also love this little girl she sleeps in my bed everynight and snuggles with me.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday I plan on thrifting and wrapping christmas presents today.


  1. Hurray for your birthday weekend, it looks likr you have a fun time :) and on my gosh that waffle looks ammmmmaaazing!!!! you dont really get them much here in England, which i think were missing out.
    And most of all HAPPY NEW RECORD PLAYER :) it just gorgeous.


  2. Oh you guys are missing out. After that waffle I want to buy a waffle maker and make pretty delicious waffles with fresh fruit. I know I was so so excited I've got quite the collection going to already.

  3. ARGH i need a teleporting device now!!!! Yum Yum.

  4. i have been searching for joan on vinyl for forever!:)

  5. I've seen her at local thrift shops actually. But I got mine at one of her show.