Sunday, November 14, 2010

Theres a party in my city part two.

First off I don't know who had more fun tonight at yo gabba gabba autumn or me and the rest of us older folks. We got there a little late but the show started literally as we were walking to our seats..phew I was afraid we would miss the beginning that's the best part. It's where DJ. lance rock opens the magical boom box to intoduce the characters. I looked back at little Miss Autumn's face her face was just lit up then quickly went to confused. The first part of the show she just stared and confused as to why all the characters were so HUGE then they are on tv. I took so many videos and pictures. Of course there was the rude lady saying there was no recording when it isn't posted on the ticket and 95% of the audience is recording to. Then when the characters came back from intermission they asked kids to come to the front of the stage so my sister and autumn rushed to the stage to dance. The very rude lady went and told people to sit down. I wanted to tell the lady off "Um excuse me mam did you not just hear them telling people to come up for this song???" I kept recording whateves there were so many people doing it I didn't care. Now for the good stuff pictures and videos...

Watch little autumn at the end blow them all a kiss. cutest thing ever!

I even got a sweet t shirt, Yes I am that cool.

And you can see my red hair more in this picture. I am hoping to book my final hair appointment for this week to achieve my glorious red hair. I AM SO EXCITED...if you couldn't tell.

We ended this day with a little party at my moms house my cousin brought her new baby boy Kian over autumn is just smitten with babies,whoever was holding him she had to be sitting next to them so she could be near him.

I've had so many cups of coffee today that I think it may be a late night tonight.. I guess I shall finish getting a head start on some cute christmas presents... I plan early I can't help it. And catch up on the biggest loser I love that show. it's so inspiring and I always end up crying.


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