Friday, November 19, 2010

christmas tree oh christmas tree

I know I know its not even Thanksgiving yet, but I love Christmas so much. Every year I search and search for the perfect pink tree an always fail. Last year I managed to find a mini pink tree.

But I've always had my eye on a BIGGER tree. When I was at a book signing at borders I saw it THE ONE, it was almost like there was a light shining on it with angels singing. I did some researching to find it online with no such luck. I knew I had a mission on my hands, me and Miss Autumn went on a mission I told her if she could be good today I would buy her a book or toy. Now the good stuff the pretty pictures.

It isn;t fully decorated because all my pretty glitter ornaments from last year a lot of the glitter needs to be retouched. So far it has lace (which I need more of thank goodness it's so cheap), buttons, and more cute ornaments i've gotten from friends over the years)

As you can tell my pictures are a lot better well I went through a huge debacle today at best buy. I took my camera in a month ago they told me it would be sent out and take at most two weeks. I was called today telling me it couldn't not be fixed but they would comp me a camera for the price I paid for mine. Which they didn't have anything of that price so I upgraded to the D3100 from my D40. I had a four year insurance on my D40 I've had it for exactly one year and because it was "accidental" I have to buy a new insurance plan, although the guy who sold me the expensive plan saying whatever happens to my camera if i dropped it on accident on purpose whatever my camera is covered. Now all the sudden their story has changed.I bet they would of covered me dropping it off a over pass on purpose but not accidental.And for the cherry on top of this lovely cupcake when I sent off my camera it had my cute adorable green polka dot strap. Which of course I can't find online anymore since it was on etsy. I may just make my own they look super easy to make.I guess what really urkes me is they wont refund me anything to buy a new strap. If I knew my camera may not come back obviously I would of grabbed my strap. I am trying not to get to worked up and love my new camera because she is very pretty.

Happy Thursday well it's technically Friday. I very much enjoyed mine thursday's are my friday's. So it's my night to relax and have me time with some wine and Greys anatomy.

Tomorrow I will finish my process of becoming a red head and attempting to find a birthday dress, pictures to come.


  1. Happy new camera and Happy new and amazing pink christmas tree, its the cutest thing i have ever seen!!
    Our night tonight is including a lovely bottle of wine, i have yet to find the lovely looking cupcake wine in England :(
    cant wait to see the pics of your hair all shiney red.

  2. It's from a vineyard in California which I would love to visit someday. If you can ship alcohol I could sent my fave bottle along with your Christmas card. :)