Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh dear.

Hello hello, Gosh it feels like I haven't blogged properly in ages. I gave my laptop a little breather (since I am to scared to take her in to find out whats wrong and the price tag that could come along with it) And so far so good. So bare with me this post is a little lengthy and photo heavy. Eeek I can't believe a week ago I was getting back from California gosh I miss it the sun the palm trees and the ocean it was just perfect. It was just the vacation I needed I started my vacation off in Seattle to seeing Campfire ok this was my second time seeing them the first time was in a little church in downtown Portland. This was a whole new show so much bigger and there was even smoke. My camera did not want to take flattery pictures I think it's time to invest in a pretty new lens. BUT my lovely friend Lori did since she was there to do what she does best shoot.

She's going to go places and already is she'll be shooting Sasquatch this year as well as putting some of her photos at a music venue to be looked at by concert goers, So excited for her. So these pictures from our trip are mainly by her. I feel like a horrible tourist I didn't snap any photo's in LA what was wrong me?? Also I got the chance to see The head and the heart as well on saturday right before I saw campfire ok I don't think that day could of been anymore perfect. I know I am not from Seattle but the love for the band there was just amazing to experience. And in related news I just by chance looked to see if there was any tickets for their Portland show left since Seattle sold out in like ten mins or so. And today was my lucky day I nabbed two tickets for their show this Sunday night I shouted OMG OMG a whole lot Autumn thought something was wrong. Now I just need to find someone to go with me. Which didn't take long thankfully my lovely friend tami agreed to go. I hope she falls in love with them to. Ok anywhoo after both shows me and Lori got a good maybe two hours of sleep before we had to get on our shuttle our 4:40am shuttle bus to the airport I felt like a zombie but I was so amped up I think people may have thought we were drunk on the plane didn't help we order bloody mary's on the plane but were on vacation so I say do whatever you want :) We flew with virgin airlines should be known as the party airline when we got our boarding passes they had Michael jackson blaring at 5am it was amazing they even had him blasting when we got to our gate it was great. I knew we were on the right plane, they even had mood lighting and detachable keyboards with a pie bottom which I really wanted it to be for a slice of pie but it was just for food. I think we no I know we were those obnoxious plane people I kind of felt bad but then not I was so sleep deprived everything was funny. Another cool thing about this plane it had chat rooms so you could chat with someone on the plane like if you were separated from someone or if you wanted to hit on someone you thought was cute ;) So next time you fly you should fly virgin airlines. We arrived into LA around 9:30 got on our shuttle to go get our rental car the whole time we chugged our five hour energy which works wonders. As soon as we got the car handled we headed to lunch the whole time getting so anxious to make a tattoo appointment at high voltage. I was praying for a walk in appointment. So we headed over there and if you really want to get tattooed there and are on vacation use that you'll have a good chance of getting in. Thankfully Khoi had a appointment for the following day after that I was even more amped up and stoked my vacation was turing out to be even more fantastic. Monday was my favorite day of our trip we had my tattoo appointment lined up which it is finally all healed up and pretty :) Khoi did a amazing job I absolutely love it. Later that night we got to attend another great band Walking sleep which we happened to see a year before this trip I remember when we planned this trip " Ah wouldn't it be amazing if walking sleep played again while we were in town" Then BAM they had a residency at the satellite (previously known as spaceland) I was so excited to see them again I think they just need to tour in Oregon and washington already someday someday. Their very own Sarah Radle has her own band and opened up that night her set was great she has such a amazing voice she still reminds me of rachel mcadams a little bit. There was another opening band before walking sleep took the stage then it was their turn I was getting even more excited and got to hear some new stuff which I am loving, they are also the nicest people. After the show we talked with hunter a bit while we got ourselves some cute walking sleep shirts and tote bags (They put a bird on it to) haha :) I use that tote quite a lot actually it's so cute how can I not. After that show it was setting in that was our last night in LA and it was bumming me out I felt like we had just got there. We really wanted to go to Disneyland on our trip but just couldn't justify spending $75 when we could only spend four hours before we would have to take the rental car back and shuttle it up to the airport because you have to add at least a hour of traveling time. The traffic sucks but I adjusted and just delt with it there isn't anything you can do about it. So sleep deprived again we thought lets explore LA at 1am and just drive and get lots and drive some more haha. Lori did the driving since I had to many drinks to drive. At the spaceland there is a $20 minimum on cards I really wanted a drink so I did it and bought Lori a drink and myself two that doesn't sound like a lot I know but I am such a light weight these days. I did my drinking at 21 then kind of got tired of it by 22. So we drove to disneyland at 1:30 in the morning you cant see much its surrounded by hotels and trees but we can say we "went" haha in our way. We headed back to her friends apartment to crash I don't even remember falling asleep that night I was so tired I slept like a baby that night. The next day we went out to breakfast at the cutest place called auntie em's delish food and a cute little cafe. I always find it difficult on the last day what to do you have to figure out time when to head back and we never got to go to the beach that we wanted to because it was all coin parking and of course we had zero change so we looked at it from the car said our goodbyes and headed into beverly hills for some sprinkles cupcakes, Last year we went and I honestly didn't like them and thought it was all talk. BUT I tried them again because last time I had dark chocolate which I hate but thats all they had that day. This time I went for a milk chocolate with tons of sprinkles of course and it was amazing. It's still not the best cupcake place I have been to that one still goes to Cupcake royal in Seattle. Boy did I feel out of place in beverly hills I saw a lady that clearly just had major face surgery it was so odd to see along with people in clearly a few thousand dollar outfits. While we were in a Starbucks my friend over heard a mom asking if her daughter wanted a sweater cause it was chilly outside. It was 75 outside REALLY LADY? I was getting hot wearing my black skinny jeans and a t shirt. She probably would have a heart attack or melt if she came to oregon. It defiantly made me appreciate my city that much more. The crazy (in a good way) people of Portland. After we had stuffed our faces of chocolatey goodness we made our way on down to the holy grail of music Amoeba. I remember going to the one in san fran last year and was just awe struck. This one was even bigger. You walk in and just hear angels its over whelming I saw people with list trying to find everything. Which I wish I had done myself my brain was trying to think of records I needed. I walked away with attack and release by the black keys, arcade fire neon bible, interpol antics and turn on the bright lights. As well as a import of Joy division cd for my brother. We don't get a long to great but the one thing we can seem to bond on and agree most of the time is on music so I knew that would make him happy. Sadly after Amoeba our LA journey was over we headed off to the car rental and on to our separate jet planes back to Seattle and Portland. Even though I love LA I missed Portland and always get so excited flying in at night looking down at my hometown. I'm sure I am missing some bits and pieces from this trip but I think I covered most of it, I miss you california and I am trying to plan a road trip for this summer (fingers crossed). Congrats if you read through all of that but I did warn you it would be a long and photo heavy post so. Now here comes the photo part of the post enjoy my friends.

The best vegan food in LA was at the veggie grill. Also I saw Ashlee simpson eating there as well one day which was cool.

Spotted the mural of high voltage when stopping at a grocery store it's a sweet mural.

Head and the heart at easy street records doing an in store performance SO GOOD!

Newest tattoo I will do a proper photo of one soon.

my adorable walking sleep tote :)
Also they have some new music (FREE) on their site for download you should go over HERE RIGHT NOW and check it out they are called the tarp sessions there are three number three isn't up yet but will be soon.

Also check out more of Lori's stuff :)
Lori's flickr her blog

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their day hopefully its sunny where you are at. Id kill for some sun right now you hear that Portland let it be sunny for more then one day a week alright?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick hello

I've been really wanting to blog but my lovely MacBook decided it should act up. I have so much to talk about,my California trip etc etc. And tomorrow being Easter I don't know if stores are open or not. But I was stupid and didn't buy apple care when I got my laptop so im kind of scared to what this is going to run me. Since with my experience AppleCare never has saved me any money. Anywho tomorrow is Easter so I have some baking to do for our family Easter dinner tomorrow. I'm making some candy bars thanks to Elise's recipe on her blog. Todays weather was just beautiful it got up to 70 it was perfect. Sadly it's just supposed to go back to rain next week with one sunny day. What gives Portland why are you taking so long to have our spring weather can we please have more sunshine? Well I must get into the kitchen and make those candy bars. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vacation time

( Got rid of those icky roots the other day. I feel like its not as RED this time. So next time I am going a little brighter red.)

I felt like this vacation would never come. I am off for a five day vacation not long I really wish I could take a good took week vacation somewhere warm but this will due and is still a great get away. Not just a drive somewhere. I don't feel like I can get a real vacation unless I get on a plane and fly. OH I am so excited about the plane I love flying SO excited haha. This morning I am off on a bus (almost took the train but their seats are like rocks and for 3 1/2 hours no thank you) to Seattle just for the day. Tomorrow morning myself and my friend take a super early shuttle to the airport and catch our flight off to the beautiful sunny Los Angels,California eep! I will return with pictures and such I am kind of bummed that the last few days in LA have been in the 80's then goes to the 70's and 60's I would of loved the 80's but I am not complaining it's so rainy here. It seems like A LOT more then the usual. So it will be great to get out of the rain for a bit. Id love if I returned to sunny weather we shall see (probably not,haha)
Some things I am looking forward to on this trip are seeing Campfire ok tonight in seattle, Walking sleep in LA. I got the chance to see walking sleep last time we were in LA and we got lucky enough they were playing a residency again at the satellite.

So I shall see you all in a few days have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music monday.

Music monday. I know I know its Thursday but I didn't want to put it off since I will be in LA monday and I will not be taking my laptop with me. This week we have another Portland based band Brainstorm. Brainstorm is made up of only two guys who take on lots of roles of instruments. Adam Baz (drumkit, keyboard, sound of voice) Patrick Phillips (guitar, tuba, sound of voice)I first heard of them last Friday when they opened up for Typhoon. It just made you want to dance. I can just picture them playing small shows like the doug fir and festivals like bumbershoot and Sasquatch getting the crowd amped up and dancing. I am so glad they opened up for typhoon and I just love finding a new band to fall in love with. I hope you like them to. I see many times of dancing in my car to their tunes.

Battling Giants//BRAINSTORM from Matt Page on Vimeo.

Battling giants

BRAINSTORM | "Split The Lark" from on Vimeo.

Split the lark

I hope you enjoyed this week's music monday you can find more of their music on their

xoxo everyone

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sun shiny day

It was a gorgeous day yesterday perfect and there was SUNSHINE. So myself and Autumn spent it outside in my back yard playing with barbies and blocks and picking weeds. She thinks they are flowers and likes to pick them so win haha. I wish Oregon would just let spring happen it seems like its taking forever this year for spring to arrive the only thing Oregon has been consistent with this year is raining every day. I snapped some pictures while we were out enjoying our sunny day, so enjoy.

I also realized I forgot to do music monday this week oops. I will post that tomorrow trust me it's a GOOD one just wait you'll love them. They are also another Portland based band. So stay tuned for that. until then xoxo

The perfect weekend.

Hello, It has been a few days since I have last blogged I've been a tad busy lately and had a friend visiting from Seattle and we kept busy with going to a show and taking a trip down to the oregon coast to visit my grandma. Boy oh boy this passed weekend was the best weekend. Friday night we saw the incredible and amazing Portland band Typhoon they were more amazing then I had even thought. I fell in love with their first album hunger and thirst after just a few seconds into the first song Starting over (bad habits) There are so many people in the band, instruments I was hoping it would be as magical as it sounded on the cd. It was even more there is one song in particular that I wasn't sure if I would cry during or not. The lyrics just get to you and as soon as  cpr claws came on I felt my eyes well up but fought the urge.

I didn't not get any pictures myself from the show cause I was silly and left my camera at home. But my super talented photography friend 
Lori paulson took some of the show.

I did manage to get pictures of the set list I snagged and the two posters I got for free at the show score.

Theres also a review of the show and more pictures here  

I very very strongly recommend seeing them if they come to your neck of the woods just do it. Later this weekend I ate WAY WAY to much food but it was so so much fun. I took some photos but I wish I had more photos to document our food journey. I felt like at the end of the night we were all on a episode of that show man vrs food. It all started at a winery in depoe bay we tasted I want to say like 8 or 9 wines lets just say I should of had a bigger breakfast oops. We all had a blast there my two uncles came in for the night so they joined us and it was a blast. After that we all hopped in the party van sorta speak haha and headed to Rouge brewery for some "Research" my uncle works at kells irish pub in downtown portland so we called this stop beer research it was fun. I had the Hazelnut brown it was delish just the right amount of hazelnut and beer combination I tried my friends mocha porter as well also very good thumbs up. We had some appetizers while we were there as well before we headed to a irish pub for more bee and appetizers I tried the fried oysters. My uncle was determined to get me to eat one Im usually pretty good at trying new things I wouldn't eat them all raw like no thank you so I said Id eat them friend cause I love fried calamari.  We all sat for a few to digest all this food and beer we've had before heading to another place yes we went to another place. gallucci's pizza in lincoln city for a veggie pizza and beer. The pizza was HUGE this is where the feeling of being on man vrs food began there was six of us but every one was so full we all looked at each other not sure of finishing this and having cold breakfast pizza which I am totally ok with. But some how we demolished it and all vowed to never eat again. That was so much food I felt more full then I am on thanksgiving also felt like I had five food babies growing inside of me. I knew I would sleep like a baby that night and I indeed did. Lori and myself had to leave bright and early so I could be back to watch miss autumn. We had a good drive back with some stump town coffee and good music. It was a much needed little get away I always hate leaving the beach. But I know I will be back soon its my home away from home. Later that day lori and I took miss autumn to saint cupcake for her first cupcake bakery experience. I've been wanting to take her for some time and she LOVED it I got her the big top cause she loves chocolate chips, I got myself the hot fudge on chocolate and of course being the hard core chocolate lover she is stole my cupcake from right under me little goober so we shared that one. It was just the sugar rush she needed so was so hyper after that. Thank you Lori for capturing the cute picture of her eating her cupcake(s) I had such a great weekend filled with family, one of my bestest friends and a great show. It was one of those weekends that make you feel loved and thankful. I came across some letters this weekend with my dads name and address and threw me threw a loop you could say. It's silly how just a name and address can be overwhelming. But thankfully I have some amazing family that make me feel very loved I don't know what id do without them. Ah sorry enough of that. Now I must prepare and get everything I need for my trip to Seattle and  LA this weekend. I am pretty sure I have everything my polaroid film arrived in the mail just in time yesterday (phew!) I was afraid it wouldn't make it. It will be lovely to wear dresses without tights Ah I am so giddy about it. There will be tons of pictures to share next week when I get back. I also have some super adorable pictures from yesterdays sunny day me and autumn had outside. I still have to edit those so I will post those up later today. I hope you all had a great weekend and week since this week seems to be zooming by again. 

Half demolished blue berry cheesecake waffle at the waffle window in portland.
(I really need to start taking my camera with me more instead of my iphone always taking the pictures.)

Cupcakin it up at saint cupcake.