Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello sunshine, an outfit post.

The sun came back yesterday and it was glorious. My go to during the warm summer days are cute dresses. Well I could probably wear a dress everyday summer,spring,fall and winter. I can't help it I am a girly girl who loves dresses. And today's weather was just begging for this dress to be worn it used to be a little small on me but now that I've started running 3-4 days a week it actually fits! So I am pretty excited about that. Theres a few dresses that I have hung up to look at on days that I do not want to work out. Because they just don't fit anymore and I want to get into them for fall.

sunshine sunshine sunshine sunshine

Outfit details.
Dress// Vintage from Ms Tips .
(She's also the nicest lady ever)
Shoes// Urban outfitters last spring
Belt// Target

sunshine sunshine
Some little snaps of miss autumn from this week, I sure love that little girl a whole lot. I really don't know what we would do without her. You can't be sad or mad around her and when she see's you she is so over joyed and so excited to see you it melts you into a puddle. I am so thankful for this little one and am loving watching her grow into an amazing person.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer where are you?


Summer where are you? Portland's weather seem's to be so bi polar lately it needs to make up it's mind if it wants to be spring,summer or fall. Yesterday evening and this morning had more of a fall feeling to it the cold rainy weather. I think that's why I love Portland so much I never really was a fan of super hot weather I much rather just be able to visit somewhere warm when I want to get my sun fix rather then live in a warm climate all year round. And it's already six months till Christmas yes that's still a long time away but with how time seems to be moving so fast these days it feels like it will be here before we know it. I am ok with that,not the whole time moving fast but definitely the cosy months. And so this isn't a complete useless post I wanted to share some lovely music that I've had on repeat the past few days they are one of my favorite local Portland bands Loch Lomond . If you haven't heard of them I highly reccomend checking them out.

Loch Lomond - Your eyes [live @ Le Grand Mix] from Legrandmix-tourcoing on Vimeo.

Your eyes- Loch Lomond.

Elephants and little girls- loch lomond
This is probably one of my favorite videos, it's just so gorgeous the setting and the music. I always have their albums on repeat come fall time it's just the perfect music to listen to on those rainy days all curled up with a cup of tea or coffee and the perfect book.So if you liked what you heard you can go to tender loving empire and purchase it. I hope you all have a fantastic day.

XO, Tabatha

Monday, June 25, 2012



Today, well lately I've been missing the beach real bad. I just want to be near the ocean and able to hear the relaxing waves something about the beach that can just make whatever problems you happen to have just wash away. It's so calming there and I always have the best memories when I am there and always hard to leave. It seems like there isn't a long enough time to visit the trip always seems to be to short. Someday id hope my mom and step dad might get a beach house so staying down longer would be a possibility. My grandma lives down there so it was always easy to just drive down and get a quick stay and spend sometime with my grandparents. But now that I have little miss Daisy it might make weekend trips harder being as my grandma is allergic so see a family beach house would be quite nice. But I do have a little weekend getaway planned for next month as soon as Daisy gets her last set of puppy shots and the ok from her vet that she can go to the beach. I am defiantly that paranoid puppy momma that is afraid of her catching some deadly disease, she's my baby and I don't want anything bad to ever happen to her. So I want to be as safe as possible and not taking her to the beach or walks to early.

beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams

Until next month I guess looking at pictures and day dreaming of the ocean will just have to do for now.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let them eat cake pancakes for breakfast.

I don't remember what got me to the point where I found these pancakes I think I was googling funfetti recipes. Funfetti cookies, brownies, then I saw pancakes and I immediately needed to eat these. So I bring them to you if you haven't heard of them or known that they existed.

Cake Batter funfetti pancakes.

I used thisrecipe.
cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes cakebatterpancakes

And you are welcome. I hope you try these, after I ate these I knew that I would be putting in some extra gym time and well it was sure worth it. Cake batter pancakes


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've been in this baking mood, it's all I want to do. lately

So here we have the most moist brownies. you ever have tasted. Then we have the BEST banana bread in the world.. Recipes for both are as follows.

My snuggle buddy. I was sad she was sick but I love snuggling with my baby.

Yesterday poor little Daisy was sick she got sick on sunday, she wasn't able to keep down her food then refused to eat the next day. So I got her into the vet this morning and she seems to be ok but I will know more come tomorrow when I get her poop sample back. Other then that my day was filled with lots of coffee and trying out this amazing thing I saw on pinterest to make your home smell like the inside of Williams Sonoma


What you'll need a small pot and fill it 2/3 the way full.
1 lemon
A few springs of rosemary
1-2 tsp vanilla

And let simmer all day and be ready to have your house smell amazing. I want to try different combinations. I have these giant lavender bushes out front that I want to get some use out of. Oh pinterest you are so addicting and have the best ideas.


Monday, June 18, 2012

my life in iphone photos.


My poppy's and peony bushes are in bloom.


Fresh rosemary in the backyard and some morning record listening.


Little Miss Daisy growing like a weed.


I love a clean house with the windows open. Girls night in with pizza,movies and treats.


Pretty drives with my momma are my favorite.


Macaroons are my favorite sweet little treat.


Sometimes a pretty sunset just makes you feel more grateful and blessed. lifeiniphone

I love looking driving around looking at pretty houses.


I also like weekend hang outs with friends like anna and Kara. going to the portland flea market. which was a lot of fun. They had some cute stuff but I was trying to be good on my wallet so maybe next time. They have it every fourth saturday of each month from May-October.


I FINALLY got around to trying salt and straw. that opened up on 23rd. And oh my goodness I am hooked! The sea salt with caramel ribbons is just uh mazing. I keep thinking of ways to go back. I think its the long ridiculous lines although after you eat it, its defiantly worth it. It was a pretty great weekend it started out pretty rough my back likes to go out on me sometimes and this past weekend it started acting up along with the fun lady stuff and this random fever that decided to grace me with it's presence. But I am feeling like myself again. I hope you all had fantastic weekends.

xo Tabatha

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brunch and my favorite summer dress.

Before we get to the outfit post, lets talk about brunch boy oh boy do I love a good brunch it's really the best meal. This morning me and my friend Traci thought we should do brunch so we headed to one of our favorite places City state diner.


They have the best eggs benedict well it's tied with Screen door. They both have pretty delicious bloody marry's to. So if your ever in the area I recommend both of those places. Today I wore one of my favorite summer dresses that I got last year from mod cloth I lived in it last summer it felt like and especially on my trip to last August. walla walla, washington. Although Portland summers sometimes take a while to actually start sometimes it's mid July. Which I think I kinda love about Oregon I don't like to hot summers so I think it's just perfect match for me. outfitpost outfitpost outfitpost outfitpost outfitpost outfitpost

We all know a post wouldn't be complete without at least one puppy picture :)

Outfit details:
Dress: Modcloth
Cardigan: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Shoes: Zappos

Today also marks a four day weekend and I couldn't be more excited, although I wish I could be spending it at the beach or hiking. But with little Miss Daisy still not old enough for that fun stuff that just isn't an option until mid August. She did have her check up today for her second round of puppy shots she did really good and is right on track so that was good to hear. But I have some fun things planned this weekend even if it's not at the beach. I have my cousins goodbye party tomorrow as she drives cross country Sunday to Oklahoma for a new job I am not ok with it especially with another little one on the way it makes me extra sad. She will be there for at least two years, that means they wont be here for our family dinners each month or the holiday's I think those will be the hardest. And not being there will the little one is born and already be 2 when and if they move back after those two years,Ugh I don't even want to think about it. Other than that I am going to the portland flea market with a few of my favorite lady friends on Saturday which I am oh so excited about. And celebrating my brothers 19th birthday on Sunday which will be a great distraction and good to be around family. Fathers day and holiday's are the hardest times of the year, Also don't want to think about that. Enough of that I hope you all have a great weekend and father's day and make him feel like the best and most loved dad in the whole world because they are the greatest.

xo Tabatha

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday.

It's my favorite time of the week again because I get to bring you my thrift finds of the week. This week was my first trip back to a thrift store in a few weeks. I didn't find a whole lot but I do love the stuff I got.

thriftythursday thriftythursday thriftythursday thriftythursdaythriftythursday

This weeks finds included.

-Early american pyrex casserole dish.


-Green pyrex casserole dish.


Shabby chic sham


- vintage corning floral coffee pot


Total : $18.98

I'd say it was a pretty good thrifting week, one thing I hate about thrifting is sometimes you run into creepy people. And the one thing I really dislike about having red hair is the comments I sometimes get or even looks like just gross creepy looks. Today I got "Damn, why are red heads so sexy?" Hey mister I don't know you so what makes you think you can say that out loud to someone you don't know. At that point I thought I think I have everything I just felt all uncomfortable and paid for my things and left. I've gotten more weird creepy comments with having red hair then I have had with any other hair color I have had and I am not a fan. Anyways so yeah those are my thrift finds from this week. Have you found any great finds this week? if so what did you find?

xo Tabatha