Monday, November 29, 2010

Music monday

Yesterday reminded me of a amazing band they are still relatively small unless you happen to live in the Los angeles area, or heard them on greys anatomy Season 7 episode 4 "Can't fight biology". If you don't here I bring you the walking sleep formally known as the flying tourbillion orchestra. I got the chance to see them live this past spring it just happened to work out to perfectly it was amazing on my first night in LA on a road trip to California with a friend. Here are some pictures of the cute and talented people that make up the walking sleep.

Photo's taken from their show back in April at the echo in hollywood
by myself and one of my dear dear friends Lori

Also a video from that very show. * le sigh* I miss them so much.

Their album measures is out now. I seriously HIGHLY HIGHLY recomend listening to it or even buying it your ears will be very thankful.
check them out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy thanksgiving

and black Friday shopping,This was my first year doing it and I did it alone. My mom gave me a list of stuff she wanted deals on. I knew I wasn't going to go at 3am like the real crazy for deal shopping. I also knew I needed to sleep in I was up for almost 24 hours the day before baking and decorating, I got a good twelve hours of sleep before I went shopping. I got some good deals today I'm excited about my finds today. I still feel like I don't want to eat for a good week just to get all the food out of my system. I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving and ate to much its a law I think at the holidays. I made SO much Apple pie,pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, mushroom spinach quiche, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs all myself and all by scratch lets just say yesterday was a LONG LONG day, But all worth it.

Pictures of my finds today.
(the dvd's are ones I treated myself to just because they were so cheap I couldn't reasist.

Pushing daises season two: $17.99 Gossip girl season two $17.99
@ Best buy

All Friends seasons 1-10 $9.99 @ Target.

Blossom $5.00 500 days of summer $3.99

I actually squealed when I saw blossom while I was on the phone with my mom, I've been searching everywhere.

Now my thrift finds.

Tonight me and miss autumn and having a sleep over we like taking silly photos on the mac photobooth.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today was the day

she's perfect I love her so much already she's a hyper little girl. I love her little puppy breath no names yet I really liked Lilly but my uncle just got a dog and named her lilly. My family likes Luna Im just not feeling that name at all. Something will come along. Since 8 o clock tonight I have had two cups of coffee and a red bull so I am WIDE awake I have four pies to bake and get back to miss autumn's quilt I FINALLY have all the fabric I need for it.

The lovely lady at the craft store gave me the black friday deals on my fabric, I kind of shop there A LOT! I saved a good chunk of change that made my night.

while I'm baking my pies tonight I plan on watching that thing you do. I love this movie I wish I could of been alive in that era ah the movie the fashion the cars oh my.

And a movie with Tom everett scott and liv tyler. He's so handsome and she's stunning.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy busy day so Happy thanksgiving eat lots and lots tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

busy bee

I've got quite the list of to do's today.

If you couldn't tell already I love making list this way i can cross things off and know Im getting them done.My sleep schedule has been so messed up I was up for 24 hours yesterday I wasn't one bit tired either so I just sewed and sewed I have 31 days to finish my little niece's quilt. I just keep thinking of the end product and how excited she'll be to keep me going. Also today were picking up our new puppy no name has been decided so far we have picked luna (not feeling that one at all) zoe, bella (love but can only think of twilight) I think once we can spend time with her it will come that's how we got our last dogs name Alexis and it fit her perfectly. I also got my birthday dress in the mail today I was very surprised because I ordered it yesterday morning I was all nervous it wouldn't be here by Saturday so phew that's off my list now I just need the right shoes and Im good to go.

Pretty photos of some cute sewing rooms id love to have.

back to get my list done and drink my warm coffee its so cold out today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's to do list

I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning wide awake and ready to get going on my handmade christmas presents. My goal this year is to make at least one for each family member. And I have exactly 33 days to do that 32 for some gifts. I can do it i feel a bit over my head for some of them but I am determined to get it done.

Today I finally purchased my birthday party dress thanks to ebay and the kissing tree vintage shop I love her shop such cute stuff I will defiantly be a repeat customer.

Well Im back to making gifts and preparing for thanksgiving as well I have some last min grocery shopping to do tomorrow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

music monday

Today's music post is special and just happens to fall on a monday it's kind of perfect. Today I bring you My Chemical Romance
today is the release of their fourth album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys the first single off this album
Na na na is very catchy. I bought my copy last night thanks to amazon mp3 and their amazing deals. I listened to the full album from beginning to end and loved it all. These boys have sure grown up, I have yet to see them live every time they would come to town something seemed to come up. I refuse to let this happen this time I am seeing them. When I heard they were coming int Porltnad April 1st my inner teenager squealed. I cannot wait I hear their shows are amazing and put on a show you wont forget. Only a good four months to go.. I can wait, I think.

The first two videos off the album are for Na na na

& sing

gotta love those boys, they are just to adorable.

if your a fan what are your thoughts on the new album?

also it FINALLY started snowing!!


Birthday weekend

I am so over the moon excited. Saturday is the day before the big day of turning twenty four. That will be my birthday dinner out with friends I thought saturday seemed more appropriate. BUT sunday my actual birthday will be filled with the funnest things (yes I've planned everything I want to happen) it's something I do.

The day will start out here at the waffle window.

I cant decide what I will get they have everything.

pumpkin pie OH MY.

last two photos from

After some warm yummy food I wanted to head over to vintage pink.. Yes again I know but I cant help myself. After some good quality time spent I want to haul on over to Lush and get me some bath goodies my list includes
-cupcake face mask

-some good holiday treats.

But one of the list of plans happening I get to go pick up our new family puppy. I am so beyond excited to bring her home. I will be in charge of the little one so she will be sleeping in my room during the taking her every two hours to go pee stage. I miss having a widdle puppy in the house the puppy breath, the little bark. I heard she's growing like a weed to. I simply cant wait to snuggle with her every night and go to sleep.

The weather lady says it's going to snow today and be burrrr cold tomorrow. i'm going to bundle in my cosy man sweater and drink hot coco and sew, What a lovely monday.