Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tattoo tuesday

Lately I have been itching for another tattoo it didn't help looking at old pictures of getting past tattoos done. Theres something so addicting with tattoos its the feeling when your getting it done. I even think about what will I get next while I am getting a tattoo done.Then you get to stare at the prettyness forever. So today I thought Id share my tattoos and some pictures with stories behind the ink.

Warning excessive photo post.

The first tattoo

( Left wrist "It is what it is")

This tattoo was all about in memory of my dad he passed away almost two years ago this month. So on my dad's birthday my sister and myself went to a friends friends shop. One of my dad's favorite sayings it was annoying he ALWAYS said it for pretty much anything and everything. But it seemed to be the perfect way to remember my dad forever. Some said it would make me sad always staring at it. But it has been the complete opposite for me I can look at it now and it makes me happy.

excuse my very unattractive face here, Its just a funny picture I couldn't help but post.

Tattoo number two.

Right wrist (" I love you daddy")
It was supposed to go with my first one but I wasn't sure how I'd handle the pain. Which wasn't what I had built up in my head at all. So I went back a week later to get the other wrist done.

Tattoo's done by Elliot Thomas

Elysium studios in Portland OR

And the final tattoo...for now :)

Left inner arm ( cupcake)

Anyone that knows me when I said I was getting this was not surprised. I've had a weird obsession for anything cupcake related since I was little I don't even know why or where it came from. I had been thinking about placement for a while I had four places in mind but couldn't make it up. Then during a spontanious road trip to California with one of my bestfriends we were in LA for the day being taken around LA, beverly hills and all those touristy places. I remember we were on Hollywood and vine where we saw this.

only in LA. I remember saying "Hey can we drive by high voltage?" So of course we did with our tour guide blasting his ghetto rap and rapping a long hand motions and all. We parked at a near by rite aid and walked over where they just happened to be filming so we had to wait outside. The lovely security guard outside let us inside.And it was a lot bigger in real life then on the show it seems to look so tiny on tv. It was so surreal and didn't think I would of ever drove from Portland to California and spontaneously be getting my cupcake tattoo done at high voltage tattoo.Or that I would be this excited but I was. I looked around and immediately saw Dan smith who I have a tiny crush on. (And yes he is just as handsome in person as he is on the show.) My friend later told me as soon as I saw him I immediately straightened myself up. HAHAHA I had no idea but makes me laugh. I thought to myself for the heck of it see if they had anything available... I looked at my friend Lori " If they have one I am doing it I am getting my cupcake" And what do you know they did for the next day I filled out my paper work and left to come back the next day to be tattooed by Mojo foster.

I walked out of there so excited for the next day and just wanted it to get here as soon as possible. Time seemed to go by so slow as it usually does when your waiting for something. The time had finally come but before my appointment they were filming so I got pushed back just a bit. But then it was finally time I was so excited/nervous for my first color tattoo and the cupcake I've been thinking about for quite some time.

It got quite busy with tourist during my appointment there was finally quiet towards the end which was nice.

It was such a great experience at high voltage I highly recommend Mojo he and the rest of the crew were great kept us entertained. I will defiantly be back I know I want a piece done by Kat and Dan. But those will have to be planned very far in advance as to their long waiting list. Last I checked Kat's was a year. But that was a while ago so who knows. Im sorry for my rambling and excessive pictures I couldn't cut them down. Id love to hear your stories about tattoos and all that fun stuff.

Cupcake tattoo done by Mojo Foster, high voltage tattoo



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  1. such a great post, i think all tattoos should have meaning like your, mine do also and it makes them so special.
    your tattoos are just lovely and i know what you mean its quite addictive :)

    from Zoe