Wednesday, November 24, 2010

busy bee

I've got quite the list of to do's today.

If you couldn't tell already I love making list this way i can cross things off and know Im getting them done.My sleep schedule has been so messed up I was up for 24 hours yesterday I wasn't one bit tired either so I just sewed and sewed I have 31 days to finish my little niece's quilt. I just keep thinking of the end product and how excited she'll be to keep me going. Also today were picking up our new puppy no name has been decided so far we have picked luna (not feeling that one at all) zoe, bella (love but can only think of twilight) I think once we can spend time with her it will come that's how we got our last dogs name Alexis and it fit her perfectly. I also got my birthday dress in the mail today I was very surprised because I ordered it yesterday morning I was all nervous it wouldn't be here by Saturday so phew that's off my list now I just need the right shoes and Im good to go.

Pretty photos of some cute sewing rooms id love to have.

back to get my list done and drink my warm coffee its so cold out today.

1 comment:

  1. ahhhhhh as if its time to get your puppy!!!! im so excited to see loads of gorgeous pictures of her, im sure the name will come to you when you get her home like you said.
    That dress looks very cute i love the colour with your hair.