Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday weekend

I am so over the moon excited. Saturday is the day before the big day of turning twenty four. That will be my birthday dinner out with friends I thought saturday seemed more appropriate. BUT sunday my actual birthday will be filled with the funnest things (yes I've planned everything I want to happen) it's something I do.

The day will start out here at the waffle window.

I cant decide what I will get they have everything.

pumpkin pie OH MY.

last two photos from

After some warm yummy food I wanted to head over to vintage pink.. Yes again I know but I cant help myself. After some good quality time spent I want to haul on over to Lush and get me some bath goodies my list includes
-cupcake face mask

-some good holiday treats.

But one of the list of plans happening I get to go pick up our new family puppy. I am so beyond excited to bring her home. I will be in charge of the little one so she will be sleeping in my room during the taking her every two hours to go pee stage. I miss having a widdle puppy in the house the puppy breath, the little bark. I heard she's growing like a weed to. I simply cant wait to snuggle with her every night and go to sleep.

The weather lady says it's going to snow today and be burrrr cold tomorrow. i'm going to bundle in my cosy man sweater and drink hot coco and sew, What a lovely monday.


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