Thursday, November 11, 2010

work in progress

Today was the day, the day of my hair appointment first we tried just a plain brownish red didn't really get the red I wanted I didn't now how much red I could pull off. I showed my hair dresser the red I "Really" wanted which was Kat von d's bright out there red.

So I said lets go for it I said I wanted a BIG CHANGE. And this was it, it's still a work in progress we ran out of color.
(I have a lot and I mean A LOT of hair ) so I have to go back for another session to get it to the right shade right now it looks a little something like this.

of course my phone won't pick up all the red.I am just dying to get it finished.I've never done anything this different to my hair.

In other news. Last night I got to meet the lovely kat von d at her book signing for the tattoo chronicles

I was excited but didn't realize how excited until my friend and I got up there. She was so stunning in person. So sweet and smelled really good... Yes that's weird to notice but my sister who could not make it ask if she smelled good. Also I guess a weird thing to want to know.
There were so many people there, also a lot of kiddos who were so stoked to meet her. I was in line for about a three hours and by the time I left the line there was still a line to the front doors of the book store. All in all it was so great to finally meet her I didn't get to meet her on my trip to LA but some day I will be there to be tattooed by her. I did manage to show her my cupcake tattoo which she said she loved a lot and how much she loved cupcakes. Of course I felt like a little kid and was grinning like a idiot, and feeling all awkward thinking what to say and what not haha.

I still can't believe yesterday actually happened.

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  1. your hair is looking so lovely , you really suit being a red head. and as if you got to meet the lovely Kat Von D, i think would be the same if i met her hahaha :)