Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty little lovelies

Im a little late on this post today but its a cute one thats for sure. This weeks pretty little lovelies is dedicated to the lovely amazing Rachel ashwell. She's been inspiring me for years I have three of her books and they are just stunning what she creates her eye for things just has me in awe.

I love love this piece.

I just love her house its to die for.

I think I saw once it was worth 4.3 million 0.0 eeek. But it's so gorgeous I would love to go treasure hunting with her. Every time I read one of her books I just get this huge urge to go looking for things she's such a inspiration. I hope you all enjoyed your lovely weekend I know I did I was lazy but very productive just the right dose of each. It was perfect. What did you ladies ( as far as I know there are no gentlemen) do this weekend anything fun?


what I wore the school girl

"Tab you look like your a little school girl"

Is what my mom told me my outfit reminded her of, I think it was the shirt and oxfords. Today I plan on spending it eating yummy food at biscuits cafe for the yummiest biscuits I have ever ever had with their home made jam oh my I am getting hungry just thinking about it. After that I will be spending the afternoon at the home improvement show with my mom and step dad. To some that may sound dreadfully boring but to me I find it all so fascinating and fun my dad was a tile maker. So I have spent many summers and winters helping him haul grout,tile and buckets of water up and down stairs laying tile.And man oh man thats some tuff work right there. He was the best at it and passed along the tile making down to my sister I love the grouting and laying the tile part but the actual cutting scares the crap out of me mainly the saw I cant handle it.So I just love that stuff watching HGTV and remodeling shows. One day I dream of buying a old house and fixing it up but not re doing it to modern terms just brushing it up to its original charm sort of speak. My mom and I would watch HGTV all the time getting ideas. Right now they are fixing up a fixer up to flip. My sister is doing all the tile in the upstairs bathrooms, and I will be helping with all the other things eep it's so exciting. But anywhoo enough of that this is what I am wearing today.

Cardigan: Urban outfitters
Shirt: Victoria secret
Skirt: Urban outfitters
Tights: Target
Shoes. Vintage diane von furstenberg tan lace ups

Pretty little lovelies returning later today. Eek I haven't had that post in a while oops.
I hope you all are enjoying your hopefully lazy sunday's


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bathroom dilemma

I am at a loss for my bathroom. Theres a lack of storage and at first it was do able but now its become annoying that not everything has its own place. My make up bag sits on the floor or the toilet. My hair dryer,straighter and brushes sit in a ikea tote bag on the floor next to the tub. I feel like id be able to find a small shelf but Im not entirely sure. The space is already small but as long as I have enough space to move around Im good. There is a tiny space next to the bathtub but the door comes in a little bit so It couldn't be to long. Here are a few photos I took the other day. Suggestions are welcome of any good blogs about make overs with small bathrooms.

I love my little bathroom and all the character it has. But it just needs a smidge more storage for make up and such. Any ideas are welcome. blogs,websites etc.

Happy Saturday to you all.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow day

FINALLY after all the small talk and no snow action mother nature finally graced us with some snowy goodness. It was so pretty and white. It was my first snowy day in my new place, perfect for warm coffee and playing all day with miss autumn. Also the cutest thing happened that day I just have to share. We were playing around with my cameras I was trying to attempt putting film in my camera I cant seem to get right. As I was doing that I see that Autumn has taken a liking to my pink fish eye camera she was laying on the floor taking a picture of this little lavender bag that had fallen out of my night stand. If that wasn't cute enough she then had started to do self timed photos of her self. It took me a second to see what she was doing. She would set the camera down somewhere in the house press the shutter button and turn the film roll go to a wall, or sit on the floor, or put her arm around me and say "Cheeese" and do a pose. She would then go back to the camera to look at the picture. Or she would show me the picture she just took. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. She is getting even more personality and more talkative I love watching her grow and become her own little person. And why yes I took pictures of this how could I not.

how cute is she? She just loves the snow she cant quite say snow so she says noo but it has this tone to it you know she just isn't saying no. It was the cutest thing seeing her run around my back yard yelling NOOO NOOO.

I hope you are all enjoying your first night of the weekend. I know I am some good girly chick movies, making yummy cute cupcakes.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wish list Wednesday

As I started writing this I realized I used to be quite consistent with certain blog post but I've slacked in that department so I need to set a blog schedule. I think that will do the trick. So today would be that time of the week for wish list wednesday. Here are a few items I am wanting this week.

The lemon pie dress from Elise has dreamed up over on her blog

I can't wait for spring when these dresses come out.

This super cute red poka dot dress from the lovely Fancy tree houses store.
*fingers crossed I win the bidding war*

a cupcake from my favorite cupcake bakery in portland saint cupcake

This swim suit for summer. I have spent hours searching for the designer and ZERO luck :( humph.

I did score some great deals from mod cloth's cabin fever sale. Sad that a few dresses I bought are now 70% off.

These ADORABLE boots LOVE them!

Also I want it to snow come on weather people don't let me down. I want a snow day please please with a cherry on top. We will see if they are correct on this one.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday xoxo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bubblegum pink dress.

The other day I got the CUTEST dress on this planet from Dear whimsy and I want to wear it everyday. I thought my moms birthday would be the perfect day to wear it.

I absolutely adore this dress. I feel so girly in it. I cant wait to wear it out and about today. Thanks again Dear whimsy she has such adorable stuff be sure to check out her facebook page which is where she sales all her stuff. Whimsy handmade

Have a lovely monday xoxo

Happy birthday momma

February 21st 1962.

My momma was born she's the best mom in the world she's been my best friend and so supportive to everything I've ever wanted to do as silly as that dream may have been *coughsingercough*. But lately she's been one of my biggest supporters with my dreams and it makes me so happy to have her as a mom I couldn't imagine anyone else to be my mom. She may send me the silliest text at 3am that could easily go on to but I love those one day I'll miss those. Ah I get so emotional at birthday's I feel like after losing my dad its really taught me to appreciate and show someone you love them every day because you really never know when it will be over. So excuse my sobbyness on today. My mom recently got offered this amazing job working for a old friend of hers I don't remember the name and all that but I do know she gets to travel to food shows to places like Europe, New york, Chicago, And California to name a few. Which I am SO SO excited to get to tag along and see the sites while she does her thing. So this post is dedicated to you momma I am so proud of you and your new journey you have ahead your the best and I love you so much.

My uncle stan on the far left,my moms aunt bettie in the middle then my momma and her amazing hair on the far right.

Last december in Hawaii. my step sister and my self with my momma.

My momma with her momma and sis in hawaii.

I love you momma happy birthday!