Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hair hair I need to dye my hair

Luckily I have dark hair so my grow out is never to horrible. But if I can see any hint of it I am running to make a appointment And I just get quite bored if I don't get it done every few months even if its just getting the same thing over again. It's a weird habit I have. As I was watching some how I met your mother ( quite the hilarious show by the way its LEGEND... wait for it DAIRY). They showed a commercial for a virtual make over site. So I checked it out and had quite the fun.

Myself with a blonde bob.

My mom had a laugh at this one.

Kind of what I had just a lot shorter look.

The kim kardashian hair style

Now that I've seen what Id look like with red I think if it wasn't one shade less of red I think just maybe I could pull it off.
I just know that I want something drastic and different but with my darker olive skin and dark eye brows is seems impossible besides dark brown,medium brown and black. If I could get away with any these would be my first choices.

bubble gum pink.

fun firey red.

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday so I better make up my mind.


  1. This post is so good, when i saw the small picute of you as a blonde, i though you had dyed it! you look sooo diffrent as a blonde :)
    I know what you mean about the dark hair thing i have the same problem i can only ever be shades of brown or red! im sure you will find a cute colour for wednesday.

  2. I did get to see what I would look with the red that I love. I think if I didn't go as red and did a shade darker I just might be able to pull it off. So we shall see. I just need different I always cave and get what I always get.