Friday, December 31, 2010

To a new beginning.

Whoa it's 2011 already?? how and the heck did that happen? it feels like this year just flew by. It has been quite the year I had some amazing experiences and some not so amazing but that's life and you learn from those. I've met some great friends this year that truly inspire me and make me laugh. I reconnected with some good old friends, that I am so happy to get to start that friendship again.

I got to FINALLY and I never thought I would ever be saying this. See Joan jett live. She still kicks butt on stage it was so surreal to see someone I have been listening to for so long.

Autumn's first Christmas

Autumn's first birthday.

First vacation to Hawaii.
My mom has her family there so we have now made it a tradition to go every year. We were supposed to go every December but with my sisters work that wasn't possible. So now were looking into March.

A spontaneous road trip to California.

It was defiantly the road trip. Hit a guard rail while visiting the golden gate bridge. Which resulted in needed a whole set of new brakes and a new steering thingy bobber it was REALLY scary having to go into a sketchy car garage in the ghetto of LA.But then safely making it to long beach to stay with her family to make it out to see The walking sleep. Which is still one of my favorite things about that trip. Driving into hollywood in a borrowed volvo with our hands out of the sunroof saying " WAHOOO"
So now every time I pop in the walking sleep I have happy sunny thoughts of the walking sleep.


Got a tattoo at High voltage.

We ended that trip with seeing Aqualung not once but TWICE.

I ended the year with finally finding a house. A little house all to myself that I can decorate as I please and have my own studio to really get my Etsy going. I finally feel the drive and know where I want my life to go. I have set the goal to own my own shop by the time I am 28. Yes that is four years but I have amazing support and I believe in myself. I think 2011 is going to be a magical year I have a really good feeling about it.

I want to do one of those cliche New years resolutions list I never keep mine,even though I say I will every year. I will this year... I hope.

-I want to pick up running again everyday.
-Really dive back into and keep up yoga and hot yoga ( my new place will be very close to the hot yoga studio anyway)
-Go full force into my Etsy shop
-Read more,try for a book a month. I used to read one or two a month.
-Be more organized (having my own place will help with that a lot.
-Have better time management skills
-Go on as many road trips as I can
-start using my film camera more

I know I have more and will continue to add to it. What are you resolutions?


Happy new year.

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  1. Happy New year :) i think 1.1.11 will be so good.
    I think moving in to your new house is such a lovely start to the year and now you have a sudio you must be super excited!

    Zoe x