Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Boy did Santa treat me good this year. My Christmas in pictures.

The morning after.

But my most favorite gift of all...

I had a hunch I was getting this but my mom likes to try to make me think I wasn't getting it. It's funny we both got each other mixers my sisters quote on that was "Omg you guys got each other mixers your so old"

I am off to bake cupcake sugar cookies and watch freeks and geeks marathon that's on tv.

But I am excited to end this christmas night with gathering around the tv to watch the red green show with my brother and sister. We all grew up on this show. Watching it with my dad I knew he would of loved this gift. Or actually he would of bought this for us. Like Red green says " If it aint broke you aint doing it right"

Merry Christmas


  1. i loove the red green show! it must be a canadian/minnesotan thing? either way you have a new blog follower!

  2. I love it to they used to play it on pbs late at night. I wish it was still on tv.