Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seattle how I love thee

Oh how I remember the days when I had big plans to move there. But it's to expensive for me at the moment. And I am loving Portland so much right now I am not ready to leave it. So it's nice when I can go and get a good dose of her and all her rainy-ness.

Some of my favorite seattle places to go to are

Odd fellows lounge. Some pretty scrumptious food you will never be disappointed, I promise.

Picture 2,3 and 4 taken by miss lori paulson

My favorite cupcake place I have been to so far. Yes even better then sprinkles in Beverly hills, no lies it's true they weren't that great. If you want a amazing delicious cupcake go to any of seattle's cupcake royal locations.They are decorated super cute to.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading up early for the day to attend Their annual holiday deck the hall ball. Which I am SO way beyond excited about Sleigh bells, the black keys ANNND cake all at one show.

Now I must get the good 5 hours of sleep I will get tonight so I can get up bright and early and sew before I head out.



  1. It somewhere i woul LOVE to go to, its on mine and paul list of "must go to places" ( which is very very long now )
    some gorgeous pictures and sounds like your going to have a pretty amazing day tomorrow!!!! not to jealous hahaha im lying of course :)

  2. Well when you do make the trip over I will be your lovely tour guide of course :) along with Portland obviously.