Saturday, December 11, 2010

craft night in

Tonight I plan on crafting it up and watching some good old oc chrismukkah episodes. Oh how I forgot how much I loved this show. I remember seeing the preview for it way back when and was hooked immediately. Oh seth cohan. Then meanie head josh scwartz had to go and kill off Marissa cooper his reason her character had already been through enough. Translates to, "Since we can't make her screw up her life anymore for tv purposes we will just kill her off" season four sucked and the first episode of that season they didn't even show her funeral but Oh johnny got one the surfer dude in a few episodes. Im sorry but she was a HUGE character SO unfair....Ok yes I feel very strongly about this.
I just loved that show they actually had a good purpose it wasn't like those trashy shows you see for teens these days.


I added a lovely play list that goes along with all the oc chrismukkah episodes.

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I hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday night in or out.

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