Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thrift finds

The other day I went on a morning adventure since I know the best time to thrift is early in the morning So little miss autumn and myself went to a local thrift store after getting my much needed coffee in me. And my oh my did I score some goodies I'm so excited I had to share.

I couldn't find my moms candle sticks so I went on a mission to find some new ones that I would keep.

I love these glasses. They reminded of these glasses my grandma had I loved those glasses. So I was so happy to have found these.

She likes to look at herself in mirrors.

Now these were my favorite find. I have been searching for these little guys for the longest time. When I saw them I grabbed them as fast as I could so nobody else could snatch them.

I guess it was just one of those days that I found all those little things I've been on the haunt for and they all came together in one place for me to buy.

Finally my lovely vintage ornaments :) They will look lovely on my pink tree.

Today I also got my moms christmas gift I got her some little cute things, But the one thing she has wanted the most was a kitchenaide mixer. I will so be borrowing and playing with it,until I have my very own pretty pink one someday :)
Getting that mixer though was a tough one. I remember telling myself last year I would NOT do the mall and strictly do online shopping. Because the mall is just DISGUSTING it took me 30mins to get to a parking spot and it was all stop and go. But I had pushed back getting the mixer cause I wasn't all to sure on it but I know how much she wants one. I can't wait to see her face.

I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday. I am pooped out today I even took a nap earlier tonight and am still tired. I think I'll watch closer it's on tv, I forgot all about this movie it's been a while it feels like I haven't seen it I must not of been paying any attention Man on man is jude law dreamy or what.

I will most likely pass out during it, I do that a lot. I have a big day of flea markets and thrift stores tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep.

Goodnight xoxo

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  1. those finds are so gorgeous im loving the glasses, they are just lovely.
    And vintage decorations are so prettry i have a few on my tree that were handed down from my great gran and her mum, so there pretty old and just lovely.