Sunday, January 2, 2011

pretty little lovelies

Dear 2011,

You are already rocking my socks off. Yesterday I singed my lease ( I still can't believe it.) I never thought the day would come when I would move my stuff out of that storage unit,or need a u haul truck to move all my crap. I feel truly blessed, I know I felt at times like I was never going to find a house and that Id either have to stay at my moms or get a apartment. Because nobody wanted to lease a house to just little old me ( which I never understood) But this house seemed to fall into place so perfectly, and the house has such a amazing vibe going on. I feel like my year is just going to be magical if it's anything like all of this. Today will continue to rock as I have plans to eat breakfast at my favorite cafe in town with my mom to enjoy some yummy biscuits and eggs. My stomach is talking to me just thinking about it. After that I have day full of moving and unpacking, sushi and black swan with my friend miss tami. I can't wait to get started on today. But here are some pretty pictures for your eyes to look at today.

I want to find this pretty nail polish.

I also adore this purse. oh so cute.

Gorgeous Marilyn monroe picture.

Pretty yummy donut at this cute little cafe in seattle top pot donut
photo taken by Lori

Pretty zooey deschanel & champagne thursday. Which I want to start up, it's perfect since I have friday's off. A lovely way to wind down and relax.

Pretty pretty Betsey johnson spring 2011 dress.

Pretty bike. I want to find one of these beauties for spring.

Pretty pretty dresses I want a collection just like these.

This pretty floral vase. Id love to have one of these for my home.

Enjoy this lovely lovely sunday.


  1. I absolutely lurve that purse. Oh and isn't Zooey Deschanel so pretty? I love how she always looks so cute and vintagey. =) Happy 2011

  2. Isn't it just lovely. I wish I knew where it was from. She is she's adorable I love her in 500 days of summer. I wanted all her outfits.

  3. i have two bottles of nail polish in that colour, ill send one your way with the scrap book papers (still need to send it hahahah ) :)

  4. hello :) i just started reading your blog, and i love it! about the nail polish, essie makes one called something apple. it's a more aqua, and china glaze at sally's has one that's a little more baby blue :) i have both!