Sunday, December 12, 2010

pretty little lovelies

I know I know a lot of blogs have post like these. But I couldn't help myself to have my very own and share pretty things.

These shabby chic stockings. how cute? I want one.

Rachel hard at work in all her shabby goodness.

I've seen this but would love to have one of my very own in my kitchen.

so true.

cute victoria secret angles.

I want and MUST have for my friends Christmas present I NEED to find it.

cute vintage key.

cute little necklaces.

cute vintage shop.

cutest couple blair and chuck.

I hope you enjoyed my first pretty lovelies post. Today I am Christmas shopping with my mommy her quote for today
" We're going to shop until I just can't shop anymore" So I should wear comfy shoes and drink lots of coffee? The answer is yes.

xoxo happy sunday.

1 comment:

  1. such amazing pictures i adore each one, i love the old keys i have 2 hanging in my kitchen like that one, super pretty.
    love it.