Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling inspired

My head is spinning with decorating ideas for my new place. I've been drinking coffee out of my new oh so cute I love cupcakes mug I got for Christmas. While sketching and making a list of cleaning and things I do not have for my house yet. Like
-broom & dust pan
-pots & pans

stuff like that. Im pretty good with stuff to fill the whole house. I have A LOT of stuff. Although I need to get rid of a lot. New years cleaning I like to call it.

Anywhoo I've gotten off track I wanted to share some pictures that are inspiring me for decorating.

Oh how I wish I had black and white checkered floors somewhere in my house. I have this mud room this idea would work PERFECT in. It is right by the back yard down and basement so its just screaming for something like this. I could easily make that rather then spend a pretty penny on a brand new one. And it would be a fun project me thinks. I have this bench that would sit under this. That I think a bunch of cosy, and huge pillows would go great there. Theres also this beautiful stained glass window in the wall that looks into the kitchen. I have a total of three stained glass windows in my house. It wasn't on my list of things I wanted but it defiantly made the cute bonuses I'd love to have in my house list.

The kitchen I have had ideas on just yet. It's quite outdated it looks right out of the 80's the house was built in the 1920's when it was remodeled it looks as if the kitchen was the only thing to be touched. It should of been left alone. So here are kitchens that I would love to have or take some bits and pieces of to put towards mine.

I just love open shelving. So I can display all my cute pyrex and other pretty dishes.

I have been in love with huge you just sink into them white comfy couches for sometime. I have this VERY purple couch I got from my mom years ago for the day I would have my own place. I didn't end up using it at my last place since they are already had a couch. So nows the chance to clean it off and find one of these pretty white slip covers. And set her up.

I just love love love these chairs. When my mom and step dad bought this house the guy who sold it to us did not want to keep them anymore and was at first going to offer them to us for $100 for BOTH. ( side note I did some research and they go for a good pretty penny) But in the end he gave them to me for free.

One day I would love to re upholster them but I have yet to find a fabric that I like just yet. I did way back one find this Martha stewart chair that I loved the pattern but failed trying to find anything similar to it. So for now I love them the way they are.

I love four poster beds, sadly my room is not big enough for one. Even if it was would my next place be big enough. Maybe when I buy a place one day.

Oh how I love old looking farm tables where the paint is chipping. But not enough it will make a mess :). I have yet to spot one anywhere. It's my dream dining table. I thought this antique mall I frequent maybe would have one. I am going today so maybe it will be my lucky day to find her. The only big furniture pieces I need for my new place are a dinning table and a craft table would I would also like to be a big wooden table and lots of storage baskets for all the nicknack's.
It already has this pretty wallpaper up. And these french doors that open up into the living room. Actually I haven't decided which room will be the studio just yet. Its a pending decision.

Im so stoked to finally have my very own claw foot tub. I've wanted one to call my own And not my moms that I have to ask to use or wait till she's not home or out of town to use. I loved this country themed bathroom I saw on this show called Sarah's house on HGTV. Which that channel is SO addicting I used to not be able to watch it. It just made me more decoratingly frustrated ( I know that isn't a word, it should be though.) But now I can watch it with joy on getting ideas and actually being able to apply them.

Some cute things I'd like to have in my bathroom

Wow this was quite the long post. I seemed to have got carried away. I cant wait to dive right into decorating and finally having a place to call mine and decorate how I want.This journey has felt like it would never end. I've already got a house warming party planned I have ideas for that in my head a brewing as well. A date is still in the works, just because I want one of my good friends from Seattle to come and her schedule is quite hectic. But I cant wait to have all my friends over and show them the space.

I hope you have a lovely Thursday it's almost the weekend this week has felt slow and fast at the same time. Which is nice so it doesn't feel like time has blown right by me.



  1. all those amazing images actally make the perfect house, they are soooo gorgeous.
    im loving all your ideas so far, in fact i just want your house please :)

  2. hehe. Well if you visit the states you can come by for a tour and some red wine.