Sunday, December 19, 2010

Adventures in antiquing.

Today was oh so much fun. It started out with a scrumptious breakfast at biscuits. With my mom, my moms sister, my cousin and myself. My sister and niece joined us after breakfast.

oh my their biscuits and homemade jam is so good. I could totally go for some right now.

I had scrambled eggs,red potatoes with my biscuit and homemade strawberry jam. Just what we needed to fuel us for a day of antiquing and thrifting.

After that we all headed over to stars antique mall. I've been passed this place many of times I take hot yoga right next door. But after class there is NO way I would go in public all sweaty so I never got to make it inside. Until today and..... I have no words I didn't know what to do where to look first I just my mind was exploding. Every little booth was decorated so cute. I didn't know there photo policy some shops strictly forbid that but nobody said anything. However I still don't understand the weird looks when I take pictures of something that I think is cute. I got the worst like I just did something to disgusting today while taking a picture of some jars. I was like alright wanted to laugh but kept shooting. Anywhoo it's pretty pictures from today time. Enjoy... which I know you will.

*warning excessive photos*

I love the antique silverware they were $1 a piece to me that sounded pretty good. I would like to go back and get some.

I loved the set of six vintage pink glasses but they were a little over priced I thought. Each booth is different. I will just have to search for them elsewhere.

My finds of the day. My sister also got the coolest table and antique books.

Vintage lace trim, wrapped up on a old bingo card. So cute.

Some cool skeleton keys. They don't look vintage or old to me at all. I even saw a 2000 champagne glass...NOT really antique. But they were cute for my mom's christmas tree and a steal so of course we got them.

I also got this gorgeous lace table cloth,some doilies, and this beautiful huge shabby chic white blanket I had eyed the minute I saw it. So my mom had mentioned we could each pick out a christmas present.

I love these bottles. Im on the search for some old milk bottles I have one other one i scored one day at a local goodwill for 50.

whoa that was a lot of pictures.And that was only one of their buildings they have one for furniture only across the street that we didn't even touch just because we spent so long inside the first one. But we have plans of going next Sunday. We all are bringing our own cars. Watch out here we come...Im so excited, I know where I will be spending my christmas money.

But man oh man was it chilly it started snowing on our way back. I hear it's supposed to get 1-2inches of snow tonight *fingers crossed* In case that did happen I rushed to get to the craft store for things I knew id need to finish some presents.My room wont seem to warm up I have layers upon layers and blankets still my body feels like icicles. I know I had a lovely sunday with family and finding goodies.

I also heard our winter is supposed to get bad. More intense then our winter back in 2008 I was snowed in for two weeks so I hope we get a warning in advance so we can get everything we need.

Taken December 4th. 2008

xoxo happy sunday.

pretty little lovelies post tomorrow.

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  1. what amazing finds, i adore all the jars, the tea jar is just gorgeous, and the bobbin one oh and the milk one!!
    in fact i love it all some super lovely items :)