Monday, December 20, 2010

pretty little lovelies

My oh my today has been a long one. Miss autumn would not leave my side she clung to my every move. So of course I was not as productive today as I would like. We did manage to make our gingerbread house she loved eating it I think that was her favorite part. Tomorrow I promise to get up early and get things done. I have so much to do to get ready for our Christmas eve dinner. Finish some presents ugh next year I want to have things finished early for once...

Today's pretty little things are dedicated to all things pink. It's one of my favorite colors.

Pretty pink cotton candy,yum.

This cute keep calm and have a cupcake journal. I saw these online somewhere I think I need one.

Pretty pink chevy bel air. One day I will own one in either pink or teal. Love it.

Pretty pink hair. I just love it so much. I'm very much thinking of ordering a wig from miss violet laceso I can test it out. I know for a fact my hair can't take all the bleaching it takes to handle that.

My pretty pink christmas tree.

Pretty pink refrigerator. Id love to have one of these beauty's grace my kitchen.

This pretty pink house.

And of course a pretty pink mixer. Which I may 98% chance be getting for Christmas. I kind of been hinting at it. Today a box arrived on our door step from this site called everything kitchens. So I did a little searching on their site and what do you know they have my mixer on sale. Also the box weighs exactly the same size as the red kitchenaid mixer I got her. I cant wait to see if I am right. It would be funny if I was that we both got each other the mixers we have been drooling over for Christmas.

Only 4 days till Christmas eve and 5 till Christmas time really has flew by, I don't know where it went.


  1. i want that house !!! one like that is totally my dream house its so pretty.
    Such a gorgeous collection of pretty pink treats.

  2. Its so cute and pink I want to move in now.