Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wish list Wednesday

As I started writing this I realized I used to be quite consistent with certain blog post but I've slacked in that department so I need to set a blog schedule. I think that will do the trick. So today would be that time of the week for wish list wednesday. Here are a few items I am wanting this week.

The lemon pie dress from Elise has dreamed up over on her blog

I can't wait for spring when these dresses come out.

This super cute red poka dot dress from the lovely Fancy tree houses store.
*fingers crossed I win the bidding war*

a cupcake from my favorite cupcake bakery in portland saint cupcake

This swim suit for summer. I have spent hours searching for the designer and ZERO luck :( humph.

I did score some great deals from mod cloth's cabin fever sale. Sad that a few dresses I bought are now 70% off.

These ADORABLE boots LOVE them!

Also I want it to snow come on weather people don't let me down. I want a snow day please please with a cherry on top. We will see if they are correct on this one.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday xoxo


  1. it is suppose to snow in sf tomorrow!! sooo cool!! i would LOVE to ride in a light snow!!

    oh i just love that bathing suit! i got a really cute one from jcrew...LOVE it and can't wait to where in about 2 weeks!! red with white polka dots :D i love warm weather!

    oh i can't wait for elsie's new collection!


  2. Adorable yellow dress! And that swimsuit is AMAZING! I want one too. I hope you get inspired to post here more regularly now that you have the new schedule.

  3. @ cb oh I bet san fran looks just gorgeous in the snow. Ah warm weather with swim suits and cold drinks does sound very good right now.

    @ M.M.E isn't it if I could find that swimsuit id totally buy it its so pretty. And yes I hope so to I think a schedule was just what I needed.