Monday, February 14, 2011

Over the weekend.

This past weekend was quite great I didn't get to sleep in like I had hoped but it was full of fun things with friends and family. I got my hair did the black roots start to really annoy me with the red hair.
But my favorite thing I this weekend was yesterday me and my friend drove the long five hours up to Olympic national park in Washington to go hiking. We've been there before but only did the mini hike that time. So this time we woke up at 4:30 and on the road by 5 then got to hiking around 11:30 it was just gorgeous we took the hoh river trail. Basically a trail in smack dab in the middle of the forest I loved it. I thought my pictures would of turned out better sadly they did not :( but here are some semi good ones.

We walked a total of 5 hours I think we only got six or seven miles in we planned for ten but we needed to get on the road soon so we didn't get home to late. I was really sore after the hike I was dreading the soreness in the morning. But not one sore muscle this morning it was great but at the same time I like that I worked out good today. I have added a goal to go hiking at least twice a month I've already gone once this month so I want to go one more time this month. Maybe do eagle creek next time I haven't hiked that in a while it's a pretty intense hike lots of hills on sides of really high cliffs but the views are just stunning. I also got to go check out some jeeps this weekend but of course the ones I wanted hadn't made it into the showroom just yet until today. After work I am going to check it out and trying to not get my hopes up just open minded and going to plant the I am just browsing seed in my head. Usually I go all " I WANT TO FIND SOMETHING" and then get let down when I don't like anything. We shall see what happens I want it to be time so I can go I get so anxious about these things.I hope you all had a great weekend and did some fun things. it zoomed by for me as they always do.



  1. I love love love hiking, in England we have so many great moors to walk and hike, we have some great place only 15mins away which is great.
    It looks amazing where you went so pretty the photos are gorgeous. Sounds like an amazing day :)
    Happy car hunting hope you find the "one" :)

    Zoe x

  2. I wish we had more places to hike!

    I absolutely love read hair and desperately wish I had the patience to keep it up.

  3. Ah that sounds so pretty. When I come to England one day I must go hiking there.

    Red is so much fun but yes it is a pain to keep up. My hair tends to grow out pretty fast with the red but not as fast with the other colors. But I think that happens with red in general unless your a natural red head of course :)