Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello hello

Happy Wednesday or hump day as some may call it. Today is a exciting one because it's a snow day. On my way to work there were tiny flakes now they are HUGE flakes. I am hoping it will stick it's supposed to snow the next two days as well so we will see. But I am supposed to go test drive a car tonight so I am torn between the snow. Here are some pictures from today's snow as well as yesterday Autumn wanted to do a little photo shoot it was the cutest thing. She would pose then run to the camera to look at herself then run back and do another pose.

oh how I love snow I most likely wont have work tomorrow. So I will have myself a craft day in wahoo. I'm excited! I hope you are all enjoying your wednesday I want to say a hello to the newest followers :) say hi sometime I don't bite just hugs.



  1. I used to love snow days when I was a kid :) snow angels, sledding, snow men.

  2. Snow days are my favorite as long as they don't go to long or I go stir crazy and need to get out of the house. I haven't made a snow angel in years eek.

  3. oh my she is a cutie! my niece and her could be twins, plus they have the same pj's! gotta love target!


  4. Aw she must be a cutie then :) Yes I go to target all the time for myself and for her.