Sunday, February 6, 2011

weekend wrap up

Ello there lovies,

I hope your all enjoying your weekends being lazy and relaxing the way weekends should be. This weekend I tried to sleep in but of course my body had other plans and woke me up at seven both yesterday and today. Technically its sleeping in since I get up at five every morning. I spent it eating so much yummy sushi at Sansai sushi BEST sushi in Portland, And vintage shopping with my lovely friend miss Tami I really enjoy vintage shopping with her, because we have such a love and appreciation for vintage. It's really hard to shop with people who don't because I just go into this little girl in a candy store mode and get lost. When I would go with friends who didn't necessarily love vintage id get comments like "why do you pay for people's old junk?" etc. I just prefer old over new. Anywhoo I wanted to share some of my cute pieces we stopped into a few places and no luck I was so pumped up for bombshell vintage and the sign said "we're open!" and nope the store was completely dark and nobody was inside. So we shopped around at this other vintage shop to come back a hour later STILL closed. It kind of put a bad taste in my mouth with them. Maybe another day I'll go back. At that point I was feeling down on my mission of cute spring dresses. But I remembered about Pink vintage and red light on Hawthorne I NEVER have walked out of those stores empty handed and what do you know I found some goodies I am so so happy with my cute dresses and skirt. There was still a cute dress in the window I need to go back and check out but I had already spent a pretty penny in that store so when I get paid I will have to go back in and see if it's still there and if it is it was meant to be.

Also this is what i wore.

Cartigan: Target circa 2007
Dress: Urban outfitters
Tights: Target
Shoes: Urban outfitters

A little peak at my vintage finds.

Dresses dresses.

I can't wait for spring.

I also stopped into lush went in for a face mask came out with
-3 bath bombs (That I don't need but want because they smell yummy)
-Soap (Because it has cute flowers on it)
-Face soap (Actually did need that
-Face toner

Ok so I needed about half of what I got but still it was $$ but I feel ok pampering myself.

And its dangerous that its only 10 mins from my house. I mean it's nice if I run out of something its easier to run down there. My friend used my bathroom and told me "Your bathroom smells just like a lush store I love it!" After all that great shopping I thought it was a fantastic weekend. But this morning that changed quite quickly my car died on me and I found out the reason why I popped my hood to find that my engine cap wasn't even on it was lodged next to it. Not really sure how that exactly happened. But I dropped it off to be fixed and checked out. So for a few days I will be renting a car to get to and from work. I hope my baby is ok. I am excited to test this baby for a few days though.

I hope they have one with a sunroof and then the weather to be nice out so me and autumn can drive around.

And one last picture to make you go aww.My mom's puppy she LOVES mudd and destroing the yard. saves us from tearing it all up this spring to re do the yard. My mom doesn't see it that way but I tried to help.

That was my weekend all in all I had a fantastic time. I may have had car problems but my dad once told me when you buy a used car "You're buying someone else's problems" So thats how I see it. I hope you all had a fun weekend.



  1. The dresses are adorable! I can't wait for spring either. No more layers, please.

  2. Yess right! I will be living in cute dresses and keds. Maybe a cardigan if its breezy.

  3. that first dress is beautiful! it's great that you have someone who has an appreciation for vintage, someone you can go vintage shopping with. I sadly lack that person. I don't live in an area where I can find someone like that, so I'm a lonesome vintage hunter :(

  4. Such a cute outfit! im loving the dressed the red one is just gorgeous.

  5. what a lovely pink, collared dress. i'd wear it everyday.

    glad i stumbled upon you're blog. can't go wrong with vintage!