Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wish list Wednesday

It's that time of week again. (A day late.oops) I Feel like I have the worlds largest wish list. Yesterday I found out for sure I will be adding a little almost two month old little girl Scarlett to my daily nannying she's as adorable as her name. That doesn't start for a couple weeks Autumns just as excited as I am to watch her. She LOVES babies. She likes to hold them and feed them its the cutest thing you have ever seen. I also bought Campfire ok's first album it has been on Repeat since I bought it Tuesday and you should buy it to its on amazon for only $7.99 or itunes for $9.99
Campfire ok: Strange like we are So you should go buy it. It's so so good. They are going to be big I just know it. Mark my words! That's whats been going on with me. Lets look at my pretty wish list this week. Full of pretty things.


Late-Night Beignets Dress

Dreaming of blue dress

Everyday Celebration Dress

Cafe Exhibition Top

Free people

Love these cute bloomers

Heartbreaker spot bloomers

Georgette Shirttail Dress

She sales vintage through her facebook. Whimsy handmade some super cute stuff.

This necklace from Bleubirdvintage

This whole week I've had the thrifting bug. But i've held back so I can spend a whole day this weekend thrifting with my friend Tami. I hope we find some goodies. My goal is dresses I want to just live in cute dresses this spring and summer. I love them so much.

Hope you enjoyed these pretty things on my wish list. And happy Thursday


  1. once again so amazing dresses! you have found some super cute items.

  2. I heart the shirttail dress. I feel like a piece you could wear any season and easily transform between day and night.

  3. Exatly I like to be able to keep pieces I can wear multiple seasons.

  4. I nanny a 3yr old since she was 2 months! I just recently started watching another family with 2 kids (3 yr old and 4 mon old) 2 days a week with her. I was nervous at first but they are all getting along so good.
    Have fun with the new baby :)

  5. Oh how fun. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow? I've been watching autumn since around 4 or 5 months. She just turned 2 they grow so fast.