Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow day

FINALLY after all the small talk and no snow action mother nature finally graced us with some snowy goodness. It was so pretty and white. It was my first snowy day in my new place, perfect for warm coffee and playing all day with miss autumn. Also the cutest thing happened that day I just have to share. We were playing around with my cameras I was trying to attempt putting film in my camera I cant seem to get right. As I was doing that I see that Autumn has taken a liking to my pink fish eye camera she was laying on the floor taking a picture of this little lavender bag that had fallen out of my night stand. If that wasn't cute enough she then had started to do self timed photos of her self. It took me a second to see what she was doing. She would set the camera down somewhere in the house press the shutter button and turn the film roll go to a wall, or sit on the floor, or put her arm around me and say "Cheeese" and do a pose. She would then go back to the camera to look at the picture. Or she would show me the picture she just took. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. She is getting even more personality and more talkative I love watching her grow and become her own little person. And why yes I took pictures of this how could I not.

how cute is she? She just loves the snow she cant quite say snow so she says noo but it has this tone to it you know she just isn't saying no. It was the cutest thing seeing her run around my back yard yelling NOOO NOOO.

I hope you are all enjoying your first night of the weekend. I know I am some good girly chick movies, making yummy cute cupcakes.


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