Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank goodness.

It's Thursday it's been a long hard week. I've been talking about my car recently well I read up on the place I took my car to and apparently its not new what they have been doing saying things like "This might work" " I hope it fixes it" And it sat in their parking lot for four days before getting to it to discover something that would of taken about 10 mins. And it still isn't fixed... surprise surprise. So I went on the search for a "newer" car because well I think its that time as sad as it sounds she was my first car it makes me sad. I thought I had found the car it seemed to good to be true and well it was. After being inspected found one problem which was tiny and then another that I found out if its having that problem this early on I would have bigger problems very soon. And I was not going to go through that again. So I am back at square one I have one I recently found and will hopefully be checking out this weekend. We shall see how that goes. I am so glad its Thursday though I am starting to get a cold that my brother kindly passed on to me. I feel like I ate a lot of pinecones lots of throat coat and water for this lady. BUT in other news I got today from my friend that a amazing concert is coming up this May it made my week.

Jenny and johnny


Death cab for cutie

Theres also a few other shows coming up I am pretty stoked about.


My chemical romance

Such good shows coming up. I haven't been to one since December I used to go to so many it was insane but they add up $$ pretty fast. So that defiantly made my week. I need to make sure I can get that day off work *fingers crossed* I just hope the rest of this day can go by fast So I can rest before this cold gets any worse. So tonight will involve hitting up new seasons on my way home for some fixings to make some yummy tacos and some pretty fresh flowers to make my Thursday night complete.
I don't know where or why but one thursday i started watch Grey's and making tacos every thursday so I want to continue that ritual.

-bubble bath & Grey's anatomy.

= Perfect night in.



  1. what a great concert! i saw J & J back in the fall, and it was incredible! you will have a great time! P.S. love the zooey photo!

  2. :( hope the whole car thing gets back on track for you soon,and your feeling a bit better.


  3. Nice, the shows sound awesome!

    Bummer about your car...My car just died and I need a new one ASAP, so I feel your pain! Grays anatomy, bubble bath, champagne....enjoy yourself!

  4. @ marybeth I saw them I think this past september and they were just adorable probably the cutest couple ever. Such a crush on him Jonathan rice.

    thanks zoe its starting to i hope.

    @sofi Yeah its a total bummer isn't it I hope you find one asap as well.