Thursday, February 10, 2011


Thank goodness its Thursday, Its my Friday. I thought it would never come. But it came at last today miss autumn and I are going to finish up our valentines day present that we didn't get to finish due to lack of sleep on her part and being extra cranky. There will be lots of red paint and glitter involved. Pictures when she's all finished. Tomorrow I will be enjoying a lovely hiking trip with my hiking buddy. I am hoping to head up to Eagle crest it's 12 miles round trip tons of waterfalls. So tonight I will be stocking up on healthy snacks to take up for lunch I need to find my point and shoot theres no way I am taking my baby nikon with me since the trails are one person wide on a super high cliff.

This is punch bowl falls,theres rocks in the water so you can get semi close to the actual water fall.

Pretty isn't it? Gosh I love my state it's so green and pretty.

Starting up hiking again has reminded me I need new shoes mine are kind of getting warn I love me some new nike's but eek why do they have to be so pricey. Time to get out the coupon book I think. And I want to buy cute new excersie clothes I do this every time haha. Also today I am loving my outfit today it's one of my dresses I got last weekend I thought it was 80's but I am thinking now it's either late 80's very early 90's because my mom had something like this when I was younger.

This is what I wore today.

Cardigan: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Leggings: Victoria secret
Boots (Yes I love these boots) Target

Tonight will consist of Champagne and Greys anatomy.

It's my little routine to wind down on Thursday nights. I love them so, do you have any fun routines on your Friday's



  1. I love that dress! and I'm so jealous you are going hiking there! it look beautiful

  2. is this washington? pretty much my dream trip, to explore the forests there! you are SO lucky!:)