Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy birthday momma

February 21st 1962.

My momma was born she's the best mom in the world she's been my best friend and so supportive to everything I've ever wanted to do as silly as that dream may have been *coughsingercough*. But lately she's been one of my biggest supporters with my dreams and it makes me so happy to have her as a mom I couldn't imagine anyone else to be my mom. She may send me the silliest text at 3am that could easily go on to but I love those one day I'll miss those. Ah I get so emotional at birthday's I feel like after losing my dad its really taught me to appreciate and show someone you love them every day because you really never know when it will be over. So excuse my sobbyness on today. My mom recently got offered this amazing job working for a old friend of hers I don't remember the name and all that but I do know she gets to travel to food shows to places like Europe, New york, Chicago, And California to name a few. Which I am SO SO excited to get to tag along and see the sites while she does her thing. So this post is dedicated to you momma I am so proud of you and your new journey you have ahead your the best and I love you so much.

My uncle stan on the far left,my moms aunt bettie in the middle then my momma and her amazing hair on the far right.

Last december in Hawaii. my step sister and my self with my momma.

My momma with her momma and sis in hawaii.

I love you momma happy birthday!


  1. awww such a lovely post, and happy birthday to your mum.
    Your so right to have to be thankful and make the most of everyday with the ones you love.
    The job you mum has been offerd sound so amazing, shes a lucky lady :)

    zoe x

  2. This is such a lovely warm post! And I'm in love with your mum's hair in the first photo! Just amazing! :)

    Congrats to your momma!
    xxx mervi

  3. Her hair is quite amazing I want to dig out more of her back in the day. To see what she was like and Im jealous of the her being able to live in the 60'2 and 70's.