Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh happy day.

Yesterday I got the cutest package arrived for me from the lovely Dear whimsy I just adore the vintage wrapping paper it came in. I can't wait to wear it out and about tomorrow for my moms birthday.

It will be a definite outfit post tomorrow for sure.I also got the bestest brush in the world.

My hair dresser uses this brush and I had been searching for a great brush like this and she got me a great deal on it. I love that its teal and called "The marilyn" I love love it thanks tiffany.Today I spent the day looking at cars. I found this week mine is in one word donzo, so thats that. I did take some updated pictures of my kitchen today now that its fully moved into and actually looks like a kitchen.

Shabby chic dinning table and chairs thanks to Monticello antique mall

I love my pink tins I thrifted for super cheap thanks goodwill you surprise me sometimes, And the bestest Christmas present EVER! thanks momma you rock.

So that would be my kitchen. It is defiantly a lot longer of a process to decorate then I first thought. It feels like home though. I looked through craigslist the other day at homes just to see and I really got lucky with this house nothing compares to it. I can honestly say I am in love with my little house and don't plan on going anywhere. These past few days have been the most relaxing time I really enjoyed it and needed it. I need my space and alone time to re coop every once and a while. Although I still see a weekend beach trip in my very near future like April with my dear friend Lori :) I'm very excited about that. But for tonight
it's movie night in with life as we know it so far its good the little girl is just so adorbs. Also Josh Duhamel and Josh lucas is just so much sexy in one movie.

Hopefully you are all enjoying your weekends. I see a few new followers as well and a hello to you say hi sometime :)


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