Monday, February 7, 2011

Today in pictures

Today miss autumn and I drove around mainly because I just want to drive my borrowed jeep all day. But sadly tomorrow night my mom will be taking it over to test it out. She's been wanting to trade her giant boat of a car in for a smaller car. I will have my baby back but I am sadly going to have to either trade her in or sale her most likely trade in because I don't see someone buying it with so many miles on it. So I'm going to to upgrade to a 2008 it still has the old and new jeep look that I like.

I am a jeep girl and will always be one. My parents both had one when I was growing up, my sister has one as well.

Today me and autumn went to my house for lunch so I could do some laundry. I took some pictures. They are really cute enjoy.

I love watching this little girl so much she has so much personality I love watching her grow. We didn't make it to the craft store today because I realized she didn't come today with shoes so that would be a issue as she loves to walk around and pick things out. So tomorrow that will get done. We're going to make some valentine day cards for family. It will be loads of fun. Also some how I managed to order this dress yet again

don't ask me how that happened I feel a tad silly. But I think it's sold out so I wanted to ask if anyone possibly wanted to buy it if not I will just return it. Let me know if you're interested.

Enjoy your monday.

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