Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bathroom dilemma

I am at a loss for my bathroom. Theres a lack of storage and at first it was do able but now its become annoying that not everything has its own place. My make up bag sits on the floor or the toilet. My hair dryer,straighter and brushes sit in a ikea tote bag on the floor next to the tub. I feel like id be able to find a small shelf but Im not entirely sure. The space is already small but as long as I have enough space to move around Im good. There is a tiny space next to the bathtub but the door comes in a little bit so It couldn't be to long. Here are a few photos I took the other day. Suggestions are welcome of any good blogs about make overs with small bathrooms.

I love my little bathroom and all the character it has. But it just needs a smidge more storage for make up and such. Any ideas are welcome. blogs,websites etc.

Happy Saturday to you all.


  1. I have, and love, a cabinet that fits over the toilet. Target calls them space savers ( but they are great. I have a wire one that allows for baskets to keep things hidden. But you can also get ones with doors. It's a great solution for the tiny bathroom.

  2. I'd stack 2 lack shelves from IKEA
    and add some fabric drawers like these for some decorative storing... Just an idea!

  3. I bought some squareish white baskets from Ikea and put them on top of my toilet to hold make up and brushes. Not ideal, but cheap and sorta cute.

  4. you should buy rachel ashwell's latest book! she tends to use small dressers and cabinets. i get tons of ideas from her.

  5. Thanks for all the ideas ladies the one I loved was the shelfs I love that but Im not allowed to hang anything on the walls so thats a no go. I do have a few rachel ashwell books I got two yesterday think Im going to get to reading those. I also love the white basket idea so many ideas now.

    Thanks so much again ladies.