Sunday, February 27, 2011

what I wore the school girl

"Tab you look like your a little school girl"

Is what my mom told me my outfit reminded her of, I think it was the shirt and oxfords. Today I plan on spending it eating yummy food at biscuits cafe for the yummiest biscuits I have ever ever had with their home made jam oh my I am getting hungry just thinking about it. After that I will be spending the afternoon at the home improvement show with my mom and step dad. To some that may sound dreadfully boring but to me I find it all so fascinating and fun my dad was a tile maker. So I have spent many summers and winters helping him haul grout,tile and buckets of water up and down stairs laying tile.And man oh man thats some tuff work right there. He was the best at it and passed along the tile making down to my sister I love the grouting and laying the tile part but the actual cutting scares the crap out of me mainly the saw I cant handle it.So I just love that stuff watching HGTV and remodeling shows. One day I dream of buying a old house and fixing it up but not re doing it to modern terms just brushing it up to its original charm sort of speak. My mom and I would watch HGTV all the time getting ideas. Right now they are fixing up a fixer up to flip. My sister is doing all the tile in the upstairs bathrooms, and I will be helping with all the other things eep it's so exciting. But anywhoo enough of that this is what I am wearing today.

Cardigan: Urban outfitters
Shirt: Victoria secret
Skirt: Urban outfitters
Tights: Target
Shoes. Vintage diane von furstenberg tan lace ups

Pretty little lovelies returning later today. Eek I haven't had that post in a while oops.
I hope you all are enjoying your hopefully lazy sunday's


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  1. This outfits adorable. i love mustard cardigans i have two the same cause i love it so much, i dread the day it time to get rig of it.