Monday, June 25, 2012



Today, well lately I've been missing the beach real bad. I just want to be near the ocean and able to hear the relaxing waves something about the beach that can just make whatever problems you happen to have just wash away. It's so calming there and I always have the best memories when I am there and always hard to leave. It seems like there isn't a long enough time to visit the trip always seems to be to short. Someday id hope my mom and step dad might get a beach house so staying down longer would be a possibility. My grandma lives down there so it was always easy to just drive down and get a quick stay and spend sometime with my grandparents. But now that I have little miss Daisy it might make weekend trips harder being as my grandma is allergic so see a family beach house would be quite nice. But I do have a little weekend getaway planned for next month as soon as Daisy gets her last set of puppy shots and the ok from her vet that she can go to the beach. I am defiantly that paranoid puppy momma that is afraid of her catching some deadly disease, she's my baby and I don't want anything bad to ever happen to her. So I want to be as safe as possible and not taking her to the beach or walks to early.

beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams beachdreams

Until next month I guess looking at pictures and day dreaming of the ocean will just have to do for now.

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