Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday.

It's my favorite time of the week again because I get to bring you my thrift finds of the week. This week was my first trip back to a thrift store in a few weeks. I didn't find a whole lot but I do love the stuff I got.

thriftythursday thriftythursday thriftythursday thriftythursdaythriftythursday

This weeks finds included.

-Early american pyrex casserole dish.


-Green pyrex casserole dish.


Shabby chic sham


- vintage corning floral coffee pot


Total : $18.98

I'd say it was a pretty good thrifting week, one thing I hate about thrifting is sometimes you run into creepy people. And the one thing I really dislike about having red hair is the comments I sometimes get or even looks like just gross creepy looks. Today I got "Damn, why are red heads so sexy?" Hey mister I don't know you so what makes you think you can say that out loud to someone you don't know. At that point I thought I think I have everything I just felt all uncomfortable and paid for my things and left. I've gotten more weird creepy comments with having red hair then I have had with any other hair color I have had and I am not a fan. Anyways so yeah those are my thrift finds from this week. Have you found any great finds this week? if so what did you find?

xo Tabatha


  1. You always find great stuff! I live in Portland, where do you go for thrifting?

    1. Thanks :) There's usually a few goodwill's I frequent a few times a week. One on on Powell near 92nd and the other on 82nd in clackamas. The one on Powell is where I tend to get more creepy people shopping there.

  2. cute blog, missy.

    ps. i get sooo offended by creeps. i just wish people would be more respectful and kind. is that too much to ask??

    1. Thanks :) I know I don't understand the whole saying stuff like that to complete strangers.

  3. Late night blog catching upper here. You score all the time. I'm jealous, I have ONE thrift store in town. It's miserable. Annnnnd red head hair is auburn but I still get those comments. It's so annoying.