Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming to an etsy near you.

Lately, I've been becoming more focused on finding more goodies for my etsy. I have been tempted on trying my luck with big cartel but I am not all that sure yet. Here are a few sneak peaks at some pretties coming this week. etsyupdate etsyupdate A look at my vintage collection etsyupdate etsyupdate etsyupdate There are a few other things as well along with two pairs of cuuute shoes I am so bummed they aren't my size but it does make it easier to put up for sale if there is no way of me ever wearing them. Unless somehow magically my feet decide to shrink. So be sure to check out my Shoppe today through this weekend for new goodies. etsyupdate Have a wonderful Thursday


  1. Oh my that shift dress is ssooooo cute!! I love!

    Oh, and damn lady. You look awesome in that dress! your making me consider that one instead!

    1. Isn't it? hehe thanks :) I am in dress love I want to wear it everyday I think any of the dresses would look great on you. I am already saving for another one not sure which cause I love them all.


  2. oooh i love your vintage collection.