Monday, May 2, 2011

What a perfect weekend

Seriously this weekend was just perfect. It was full of sunshine, good friends,vintage goodness and an uh mazing show. Saturday my friend and I went to see Fast five (Fast and the furious five) you may not think I am the typical person to love such a movie. Everyone in the theater was a teenager and looked like they drove a fast car. But I love those movies as ridiculous as it may seem. I guess it came from my dad he raced motorcycles for a living won a ton of trophies to.

He didn't race this beauty but did drive it for shows. It was my great grandpa's and my dad re built it. I love that truck and the engine its like oh so many memories with that truck. So glad that he left it to us I can't even begin to imagine giving it to anyone ever besides in this family when me and my brother and sister pass it will be passed to one of our kids and so on.

Sunday was perfect to a brisk 70 I think it got to yesterday I spent it with my friend Tami eating my very first voodoo donut. Everyone has always said "You live in portland and you've never been to voodoo??" So we waited in the insane line by the time it was our time I felt like we were drooling for one of those.

(Dipped in some kind of icing then topped with captain crunch.

And it was as delicious as I thought and hoped it would be, I will be back but in time I don't need to gain 93483 lbs in donuts. Or I can just walk on the treadmill for a few hours while eating me donut haha. After we stuffed our face we found our way to the wonder ballroom to see the head and the heart. The two openers who I have forgotten their names already but I was just not feeling it I hate when that happens your just thinking the whole time "Is this your last song yet, or is this your last song?" Its very rare for me to like an opening band it seems. I think that happened with Brainstorm they opened for typhoon and they were so so good I would see them again for sure. Then the time came for head and the heart they started setting up their set and checking all their instruments I was getting so anxious. It seemed to take them forever they left for a good 20+ mins after the stage was set and I was getting sleepy it was way past this grandma's bedtime. But then they took the stage and went right into cats and dogs I was instantly awake. The show was amazing i have no other word to describe that. I had goosebumps I sang and danced my little heart out. The whole audience sang every song at the top of their lungs, they are getting big and are seem still so down to earth I am so glad it hasn't gotten to their heads because it easily could have. They are so unbelievably talented and so adorable.

It was so worth the lack of sleep I got SO worth it. That is why caffeine was invented right? I had myself a 5 hour energy this morning and I am good to go. Seriously those things really do work I am hooked. But anyway if you haven't checked them out do it do it NOW and you also must see them live you will not walk away disappointed. I took my friend who had never heard of them and she loved them and was singing their song river and roads after the show. I get so happy when I share new music with someone and they love them it makes me so so happy. I hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend.



  1. craazy! I was there too! God, the put on a freaking awesome show. The crowd was so amazing last night, the energy was insane!

    <3 Anna

  2. Really? Thats awesome I know the energy was amazing I love shows like that. I hope you had a good spot.