Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what I wore

Today I wore one of my "new" vintage finds that I found this past weekend. I wish I could of wore it minus leggings but of course I had to get a run in my tights and be to cold to go without. But I love love this "new" dress anyway. Today was a low key day with miss autumn thanks to my awesome cold I have just come down with to mix with my brutal allergies that just the other day made my lips swell up like I got them done that was sure a interesting site to see when waking up. Autumn did help with the taking of these pictures she sat behind the camera and pushed the button it was the cutest thing she would tilt her head and say "AWW" after each picture she took of me. And this is what I wore.

Dress: Red light
Leggings: Victoria secret
Boots: Target

I think I am going to be extra lame tonight and go to bed at 7:30 yes that's right I said it. I wanted to sleep all day my throat and well everything just hurts so hopefully if I sleep a ton at night will get rid of this cold/allergies that have attacked me. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Tuesday. Also only five days till mothers day I hope everyone got their mommys something special or will be doing something special with them come mothers day they deserve it.


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  1. what a great dress! i love the colors! sorry to hear about your cold & allergies! that is no fun! i know mine have been acting up, my eyes itch like crazy!