Saturday, May 14, 2011

Die allergies die!

I've always had bad allergies they run in the family but this year has taken the cake. I've tried allergy medicine after medicine the ones usually work but not this time :( It's been quite painful. So this morning I spent it in the doctors office

the rude doctor did not help she looked at me like "Um and your here why?" Hmm probably because my eyes and lips are twice their size. So loaded me up again and hope this time is the charm. It didn't help that last night I slept about a hour maybe hour and a half because I kept waking up sneezing and coughing oy to the vey. So I hope these do the trick this time *fingers crossed* Also some exciting news one of my favorite bands. Portland's very own
Typhoon who I have mentioned on here is doing a free 21+ show next Sunday May 22nd at Mississippi studios.

Heres a video they did at sxsw in a van looks a little crowded in there if I must say so myself.

So if your in Portland and 21 years old you should defiantly go it's going to be an amazing show I can guarantee it. And the lyrics oh they tear your heart out.

The sickness unto death

old man in a rocking chair
you wake up, you’ve been living alone
after all these years
surrounded by these shards of mirrors
and how’d it get so quiet here,
you wonder, where did everyone go?

you tried so hard to make people remember you for something you were not
and if they so remember you then something else will certainly get forgotten

life is for the living
i’ve heard tell that it is why we are young
in the morning sun
you take every year as it comes
but when your life is over
all those years fold up like an accordion
they collapse just like a broken lung

now i’ve only got one organ left and this old bag of bones it is failing me
i try to tell people that i’m dying only they don’t believe me
they say we’re all dying, that we’re all dying
but if you are dying, why aren’t you scared?
why aren’t you scared
like i’m scared?

i read somewhere that when you face eternity
you face it alone
not matter what you thought
or what you had
or you had not
unless you put yourself in god
but tell me god o where did you go?

every bitter night into an empty room i plead my case
every night i pray that in the morning when i wake
i’ll be in a familiar place and find that i’m recovered and i’m sane
and i’ll remember everything
i’ll remember what i was like before that bug bit me

and when i have my childhood back
i’ll tear every page out of my book
and place them in an urn
strike a match and watch them burn
then i’ll hold the front cover
against the back cover and look
you’ll see
eternity will smile on me

So check them out. Also have a fantastic saturday ladies


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