Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little shop update

Today was kind of the perfect rainy portland day. I got to hang out with a good old friend and spent it thrifting (with no luck) getting my cupcake fix at saint cupcake all followed by some yummy appetizers and drinks at matador (Best margaritas and shrimp fajitas) in Portland. Now I am relaxing eating my cupcake while watching cupcake wars. I always get so into it, Sometimes the cupcakes just aren't put together well, they may taste good but if they look all sloppy I defiantly wouldn't buy it, But thats just me. I also finally got around to taking pictures of a few vintage pieces and adding them to my shop so heres a little looksie. so check out my etsy shop sometime

Polka dot picnic day dress.

The Sandy dress

I've also beat the allergy bug that got me. Thanks to the medicine(s) the doc gave me helped she said 3-5 days Im on day 2 and feeling great ah thank god. And also I want to get this for my studio I love it and its so true.


I hope you all had an amazing weekend with whatever you did.



  1. I'd always rather be thrifting :) i like the polka dot dress. i love polka dots.

  2. oh man that polka dot dress is magic. Great finds! I spent all weekend thrifting, can't wait to get my online shop going!

  3. Love the new dresses thay are so cute! i love the sign also its fab, i so agree with it.


  4. @ Courtney Right thrifting is always better.

    @ Nikkibit That sounds like the best weekend ever. I cant wait to see your shop when its up :)

    @ Zoe Thanks Im just in love with them.

  5. hehe yes i would always like to be thrifting! my favorite thrift store moved to a large location and it was soo magical! i love the first dress, a perfect summer dress!


  6. Those dresses are both to die for! I'll send my address. ; )



  7. @ CB Larger thrift stores are my favorite you can just get lost in them for hours.

    @ Sarah Aren't they kills me to sale them. I adore the poka dot one the most thank god its not my size it would be even harder to part with.

  8. that polka dot dress is ADORABLE!!!