Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday.

Ello ladies I know some of you like me LOVE to thrift. It's my favorite thing to do, if I am in a bad mood and need some cheering up I can go to my favorite thrift stores. Or just for the fun of the hunt and to just get lost for hours looking for that hidden treasure. Today's post I wanted to share some of my favorite thrift finds. My favorite seem to be vintage house wears that seems to be where I go as soon as I go inside any thrift store.

Photo by Lori Paulson

I remember the day I bought these I was early to going to meet a friend so I stopped by a goodwill that was on the way. I just had a good feeling id find something that day. And boy oh boy did I score BIG that day. It was a funny site I am sure I hadn't planned on thrifting so here I am in this pretty black satin dress,black tights and these cute black ankle boots I just bought walking through good will down a aisle I see pink so of course my eye is already drawn to it. Then I saw these beauties and actually squealed out loud and said MINE!. Nobody was in the aisle yet I still felt the urge to say that. I didn't get a cart ( Not sure why) I had them pilled up in one of those tiny hand baskets. Not exactly sure how they all fit in it now that I look back haha.


I got this in the same trip ( I am laughing back just at the image of how ridiculous I looked and why I didn't get a cart)
I saw a lady looking at the mirrors I wanted to skim through them since I had been looking for some mirrors for my future place that I hadn't got yet. Then I saw this light teal sticking out. I was so surprised at the condition and that it was still there and only $5 SCORE right? So now at this point my hands are just bursting and hoping and praying I don't drop all of this. Still not even dawning on me "Hey Tabatha maybe you should get a cart it would be a smart idea" After picking out those items I wobbled to the check out with my tiny hand basket with my tins over flowing (almost falling out) I think I had a couple glasses stuffed in this hand basket as well to. Then carrying this huge mirror and walking in heels. I looked pretty ridiculous I am sure of it. I felt a tad over dressed for that shopping trip haha.

I am in love with my vintage pyrex bowls. The green one I got at some random thrift store I had never been to before and haven't been back to since then just cause it was just really dirty and the employees were beyond rude. But I had to have this bowl. I remember seeing it grabbing it then just leaving haha it wasn't my favorite thrifting experience. The pink one I picked up at a farmers market in the Fremont neighborhood of seattle. This guy had a huge booth of pyrex I felt like I died and went to heaven when I saw it. His stuff was a little over priced I remember so I only got this pink one cause I felt ok with the price but there was SO much more I wanted.

More pyrex bowls ( You can never have enough pyrex) I got these on one shopping trip. I saw a lady eyeing them but I snatched them up quick before she could get her hands on them.

Welp those are my favorite thrift finds. What are some of your favorite finds?



  1. I had a mini thrift today and didnt have much luck, did get penny a super cute fisher price toy camera though.
    love your little collections some very pretty bit and bobs.

    Zoe xx

  2. we scored an awesome jar lamp that i want to post about and then the mister got me a really cool b-day present that i am just in LOVE with!


  3. @ Zoe aw that sounds like a cute little gift for Penny Im sure she loved it.

    @ cb ohh a jar lamp I want to see this it sounds really cool. You should defiantly post those.